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Party Games for Girls

Rujuta Borkar Mar 4, 2020
Having a girls only party and don't know what games to play? Here are some ideas on party games for girls that you'll love to get into action. Ready?
So you're having a party for all your girlfriends and you need it to be really, really fun. That's the only way everyone will always remember the fun they had there and the games that were played. But apart from a few games, you really don't know very many indoor party games for girls. Now what? Simple. Just read the following article for some great ideas.
When it comes to party games, there are a whole lot of sections to choose from. There are the indoor games, the outdoor games, slumber party games, and many more. What you need to do is decide what kind of a party it is and accordingly choose some games to play. Here are some great outdoor and indoor games for girls that you can include in your party plans.

Dog and the Bone

This one is a great game that always gets the excitement levels high. This game requires a lot of running around so you might want to tell your guests to get a spare set of clothes for later. The number is divided into two teams and two girls from either team is given the same number.
For example, if there are 5 girls in team A and 5 in team B, then each of these teams will have numbers 1-5 so that there is a number 1-5 in each team. A line is drawn in the center and an object placed there.
It could be anything, it just has to be light weight. When the referee calls out a number, say number '1', the corresponding girls from each team comes forward.
The objective is to pick up the object in the center without the opposite teammate tagging you. So each will try to grab the object and whoever manages to do so first and crosses back into their line without being tagged, gets the point. This game can continue for a decided time and whoever has the maximum score at the end of the game or time, wins. It's a great team-building game and requires a lot of energy.

Piece Together

This will take a little time to prepare, but it is still a lot of fun. Cut out some pictures from magazines and then divide them into 4-6 parts (depending on the number of girls present. Each girl gets to have a piece). Now mix all the different parts of all the different pictures together and randomly put 4-6 pieces together in a packet.
Divide the girls into as many groups as needed. Just remember that the parts should correspond with the girls present and the pictures should be accurate. Now give them each a packet and spread out a chart and gum/tape onto a flat area.
The mission of the game is to find the other parts of the picture and piece it together. The group that gets a picture together first, wins.

Balloon Fiesta

Divide the girls into groups of 2-3. Give them a packet of balloons and a bucket where they are to store them. Then as the whistle blows, they are to blow as many balloons as possible in under a minute or minute and a half (depends on you). At the end of the time, the team that has blown the maximum balloons, wins.

Circle Games

The girls sit in a circle while one has a tag and goes out of the room. The remainder are supposed to appoint a leader in the circle and mimic everything she does―like clap her hands, click her fingers, tweak her ears, scratch her nose etc. The girl who has been tagged has to identify the leader in the circle, which is difficult because all of them change their actions very quickly. If she catches right, the leader has to take her turn.
The other game is that a girl has the tag and she has to say an action and do an action, the girls are supposed to follow what she says. For example she may 'clap' and say 'hop', the girls are supposed to hop, if they don't follow, they are out. This is done till there is one winner remaining.

Treasure Hunt

For a scavenger hunt, divide the girls into groups and provide each of them with clues to the object that is hidden. Each clue leads to the next and so on. To make it interesting, get them to do an activity at each chit. For example, 'Find a coin at the bottom of the staircase for the next clue', then make them shine it before the clue is given.

Dumb Charades/Pictionary

A true classic. You probably know how this works already. Divide the group into teams and give them clues to act out or draw out names of films, objects, songs, and people. Always fun and a great game to play at slumber parties.
Now that you know some of the best party games for girls, there will be no stopping you from making your party a great success! So plan a great party and have loads of fun!