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Party Games for Adults

Girija Shinde
Are you in search of some cool and fun party games for adults? This story will provide you with some great ideas for your party.
A party is supposed to be fun, and filled with craziness. The host has to take all possible efforts to make the party rocking. Games are one easy way of ensuring this. There are a lot of options in fun party games for adults. One should choose suitable ones, depending on the location, and the number of people that will be participating.
It's Me: When the guests arrive at the party hall, give each one a chit with a number written on it. Do not tell why the number has been given; make them feel it's for some prize game. Before the party, make chits with totally crazy questions on them, and make sure that their number is equal to the number of guests. 
The questions ought to be like:
  • "Who is secretly wishing to flirt with xyz?"
  • "Who is thinking that this party is extremely boring?"
  • "Who is thinking about buying exactly the same dress as batman?"
  • "Who has had fourth or fifths already tonight?"
  • "Who is craving to do back flips right here, right now?"
With these, you can turn this game into one of the best attractions of the evening. When the party starts, ask the guests with whichever number you call out, to stand and say out loud, "It's me!". When they read out the question, you will see the expression of the standing person change from excitement to embarrassment. Everybody is sure to love this game.
A Messy Game: As the name suggests, this game is a little messy, but also a lot of fun. This can be played indoors. Divide the guests in groups of two. Ask the first pair to stand in the middle of the party hall, and hand them an egg.
They have to stand with their backs facing each other, place the egg a little below the back, and try to place it on the ground without breaking it. The couple which succeeds in doing so, wins. You can provide everyone with aprons so that their party dresses do not get dirty.
Tricky Game: Distribute paper bags amongst the guests. Request everone to wear the paper bags on their heads. Now, tell them that they are supposed to remove everything they are wearing, that is not utmost necessary, but only in the span of two minutes. At the count of three, start the game.
Maximum guests will take off socks, hats, and other items. They won't realize that they could even remove the paper bag. Those guests who realize this before the time is over, win prizes.
Burst the Balloon: This might sound childish, but is actually fun. Write down funny and crazy orders on chits of paper, which can be anything like perform a pole dance, talk only senseless things for ten minutes, mimic your partner, etc. Put these chits inside balloons, blow them up, and place them on a chair without hands.
Now ask guests to come forward one by one, all they have to do is sit or balance themselves on the balloon with their full weight, only for 3 seconds. If they fail to do so, they have to do whatever is asked in the chit.
These games can be modified in any way you find suitable. Their sole purpose is to make your party more fun. Hope you have an enjoyable party.