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Open House Party

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 3, 2020
Often taking place instead of a normal housewarming soirée, an open house party is popular among people of all ages. Read the following this story for some ideas.
An open house party is a simple housewarming party where friends and family gather to enjoy and socialize. Organizing this kind of party is not a big deal since it is a complete informal affair. You do not require to spend oodles decorating your house, rather make it enjoyable with games and good food. The celebration ideas for this kind of party are explained to you in the upcoming section.


First decide the theme of the party. Such kind of parties are mostly organized as weekend get together for refreshing moods with friends and near ones. They are organized in plenty of occasions like farewell, fresher's party, birthdays, potluck dinner, reunion, cocktail party, pajama party, etc.
During festive seasons like Easter and Christmas, such parties serve great ways for celebration. Even if you do not choose a party theme, a well hosted open house brings in mirth and joy.


Make all the arrangements inside the hall for your guests. If your hall is not spacious enough to accommodate the invitees, then arrange it in your backyard or garden. Clean the place beforehand so that they enjoy the freshness. Light up your backyard with luminescent lights before your guests arrive.


Minimal decorations with facilities in abundance are the only requirements. Place the cutlery and dinner set in a well-organized way and set the buffet dinner in front of it. Lay down neat table clothes, trays, mats, and handkerchiefs on the table. Centerpieces and flowers beautify the ambiance of such parties.


The invitation is just a casual affair because only your close ones will be invited. You can call them over phone, text them or mail them a day before. If it's a family get together, then kids will also join you. You need not take any extra efforts to form formal party invitation wordings or create invitation templates for inviting your friends.


Both kids and adults gather in such a type of party. So the games will be arranged accordingly. Dumb charades, transfer confetti, pictionary, etc. are ideal activities for adults while children can play treasure hunt, quiz, and many more.


You can either handle the responsibility to a catering service or cook by yourself. Keep the menu simple and do not experiment with the recipes. Arrange for drinks and beverages for adults while desserts for kids.
Hosting such a type of party at least once a month is a wonderful way to break the monotony of daily chores. Plan accordingly with games, favors and good food and drink. Make it a day of happiness and togetherness.