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Newlywed Game Questions

Parashar Joshi Feb 19, 2020
Newlywed game questions are fun to ask, especially when surrounded by those who are inquisitive with the hows and whys of the couple's life together. While the idea is not to come off as intrusive, it would be a tad okay to dig out some dirt (in a fun way, of course) about the starry-eyed newlyweds.
The purpose behind such a game is usually to find out just how in sync the newlyweds really are. The best way to go about coming up with the questions is to make them unisexual. That is, without making the questions seem like they're being directed to either one in particular.
That way, you can then compare the newlyweds' answers and later reveal how much they really know about each other's quirks, mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies. It's the perfect way to have a good laugh in great company, and also let the couple learn something new about one another.
-When temptation runs high, what is his / her favorite junk food indulgence?

-What was it about him / her that made you realize that he / she was 'the one'?
-What is the one thing that he / she dislikes about you, in terms of bad habits?

-If you could describe him / her in one word, what would it be?

-Imitate how he / she behaves to get out of trouble?

-If you could change anything about him / her, what would it be?

-Does he / she have to sleep on 'their' side of the bed?
-How would you express your love for him / her on Valentine's Day? Simple or outrageous gesture?

-Who usually gets their way with things?
-Would you reveal a deep dark secret about him / her for a million dollars?

-Was an ex-lover invited for the wedding?

-Tell us word for word, how did you two meet?

-Any special memory about him / her that you can never, ever forget?

-What is the best thing about him / her as a husband / wife?
-Given the reality of marriages today, what do you think is the most essential thing to keep such a union alive and stable?

-Do you believe in second chances?

-What is his / her best friend's name? How did the two of them meet?

-If your house was on fire, what are the three things you'd save?

-If someone told you that your husband / wife was an ex-convict, how would you react?

-If you wake up one day and find out that he / she has lost his / her memory, what would you do?
-Name all the people that he / she is closest to.

-What is the one thing that he / she cannot resist doing?

-How many pairs of shoes does he / she own?
-Do you wish he / she would put a stop to a particular routine?

-How would you describe the perfect Sunday?

-If today was the last day before the end of the world, how would you spend it?

-Do you believe that two people can still be madly in love, even when they're old and gray?

-What is your definition of happily ever after?
-How would you plan a vacation if it were up to you?

-If he / she were a character from the sitcom 'Friends', who would it be?
-Would you eat a rotten egg without throwing up, to prove that you love him / her?

-They say that the best way to know if a person is good in bed, is to find out if they dance really well. So, who dances better?

-What is his / her greatest fear?

-What are his / her grandparents' names?

-Who decided on the wedding song for the first dance?
-Have you ever forgotten to wish him / her on his / her birthday?

-Which song would you dedicate to him / her?
Once family and friends are done asking the questions to the newlyweds separately, they can then sit down together with the couple and reveal the answers. Over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, it can be quite fun to disclose what the happy couple thinks, and unveils about each other.