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Movie Trivia Games for Parties

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Movies influence almost all walks of life and it's really not a surprise to find Hollywood casting its shadows on parties and social gatherings. Here are a few ideas on movie trivia games for parties that you can try out for that oncoming weekend bash!
Movies and movie stars - these two topics are never out of fashion or consideration when it comes to entertainment and trivia based games, quizzes and activities!
From what movies are expected to release in the near future to what a particular film star wore (or omitted to wear!) on the recent red carpet event, all things having even the remotest relation with movies in general and Hollywood in specific -
find their way to the trivia mills and manage to grab sufficient space on page 3 and gossip magazines that claim to keep you updated on the going-ons in the Tinseltown.
Well, come to think of it, they do keep the public updated on whatever the public prefers to be updated on the most, right? Anyway, besides providing fodder for the idle gossips of the party circuit, movie trivia and related quizzes and games are a great form of harmless and clean entertainment for parties, social gatherings as well as sleepovers!
Here are some interesting ideas on movie trivia games for parties that you can bank on to keep all guests involved and have a smashing, mind-blowing time together!

Movie-based Trivia Games for Adults

Here, I am listing out some interesting movie trivia games for free from which you can take ideas to come up with individual variations by performing small tweaks on these concepts here and there. Go through these ideas and find out how best you can use these to give your guests as well as yourself a good, enjoyable time at that oncoming party!

Hollywood Dumb Charades

Form two teams where a person from one team whispers the name of a movie in the ears of a person from the opposite team. The latter has to put up a silent act in such a way that his/her own team is able to guess the name of the movie.
A tougher variation is to whisper the name of a movie star or any other celebrity rather than a movie into the ears of a member from the opposite team. Making others guess the name of the celebrity by putting up a silent act is tougher and more challenging than guessing the name of a movie!

Hollywood Hangman

This is a customized version of the classic word-guessing game where the theme is set as movies or film stars. Based upon the movie trivia questions and hints, the blanks are to be filled up to guess the correct word. The team or individual that guesses the correct word first gets to win!

Movie Trivia Quiz

If you feel the VJ inside of you getting restless to get out, you can arrange and host a movie trivia quiz, complete with a makeshift stage and microphones, where you throw questions related to movies and film stars to the audience.
The one who gives the correct answer first wins. This way, you can keep the entire party involved and every guest gets to have fun whether or not he/she actively participates!

Hollywood Role-Play

Make several chits and write the name of a different movie on each chit. Fold and put all the chits inside a large bowl and ask your guests to pick one up by turn. When a person has picked up a chit, ask him/ her to open it and read out the name of the movie written on it.
Once he/she does so, that person is required to act out a scene or recite his/ her most favorite dialog from that movie. Another variation is to write down the names of celebrities on the chits instead of the names of movies.
On reading out the name, the person who picked the chit has to act and speak like that celebrity for a few seconds. Once a person is done with such a performance, the next person is called in to pick a chit and this is how the game goes on!

Who's the Greatest Movie Buff?

Give a random alphabet to every guest, one after the other and ask him to recite as many movie names as he/ she can starting with that alphabet in 60 seconds.
The one who lists out the maximum number of movies starting with a given alphabet gets to win the Greatest Movie Buff (or any similar) title! You can arrange for a cardboard crown and sash with the title painted/ sewn on it if you wish to jazz up the event further!
There are a lot of other online movie trivia games that you can lean upon to get more ideas on making that get-together or sleepover a fun-filled experience that your folks won't forget.
If you really get the party rocking with such games and party activities, you may even get an encore request and may find yourself becoming the party planner of your social circle! Whatever it is, the fact that these movie trivia games for parties never disappoint is a tried and tested formula and have a 100% success rate. So, are you ready to rock?