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Minute to Win It Games for Kids

Torque Earnest
'Minute to Win It' games is a surefire way of helping the little ones break the ice in parties or events. They are meant for kids to have fun and mingle, and are a perfect way to keep their fleeting attention gripped. In this PartyJoys article, we share some interesting and challenging 'Minute to Win It' games for kids.
When you are hosting a party at home or anywhere else, your main job as the host is to keep the guests engaged and entertain them at the same time. More so when the guests you have called in are kids! And needless to say, playing the host is not everyone's cup of tea.
Games keep kids engaged and totally involved in the activity. This holds true when it comes to something which they know and is popular, like the TV game show, 'Minute to Win It'. The best part of this is that all the items that you need while conducting these are all household objects, and hence, you don't need to fork out on gathering the materials.
Those of us who have seen the television show (you have got to be joshing if you haven't watched it!) know how entertaining and super fun the games are! So, to liven up your party and keep the little guests riveted, we bring to you some fun-filled and challenging 'minute to win it' games.

Balancing Lemon!

This is one of the easy games for kids aged above 5 years. What they need to do is, hold the end of a spoon in their mouth and put a lemon on the curved portion. Make all the kids stand in a line and mark a start and finish line. Now the competition is to reach across the finish line balancing the lemon without touching it and then run back with the spoon and lemon in their hand, back to the start line. Whoever finishes in one minute, wins.

Stacking Cards!

A common yet exciting kids' party game, this one is for kids aged above 10 years. As the name suggests, this game has got to do with balancing playing cards like a castle. At the end of one minute, the maximum number of cards standing will be counted and the winner will be the one who has stacked the highest number of cards.

Jigsaw Puzzles!

Games that work up and exercise the brain are ideal because it also contributes in child development. Depending on the age group of the kids, you can choose the difficulty level of the jigsaw puzzles. Whoever puts in the maximum number of pieces in a minute, wins!


Gear up the kids for some military training if you are having a garden party. Place some obstacles like buckets, tripod teapots, stools, etc., on the ground either in a line or in a circular fashion, depending on the area you have. What the kids need to do is cross all of these completing the entire course in as many times possible in a minute and whoever does the maximum obstacles is the winner!

Blow it off

It is not that easy as it sounds. In this minute to win game, the kids are required to blow plastic cups off the table by inflating the balloon first and using the accumulated air to give a push to the cup. The one who blows maximum number of cups is the winner. Exciting and challenging, isn't it?

Face the Cookie

Well, this one is our personal favorite! All you got to do is place cookies on the young participants' foreheads and watch those funny little faces grimace in an effort to direct the cookie into their mouths. This one makes for a hilarious game.

Penny Hose

Another funny 60 seconds game, penny hose requires the kids to find pennies put in the pantyhose using their hands only. But it's not that easy-peasy as they cannot take the help of the other hand to pull or stretch the pantyhose. Kids will have to work their way by moving their hands to retrieve the hidden pennies.

Nose Dive

This one is sure to get everyone in splits! Put some balls of cotton in a plate and ask the kids to transfer them in another one using their noses! But how? Cover those little noses with petroleum jelly and just let them dive to grasp the cotton balls. Funny and yes, a bit messy too.