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Minute to Win It Challenges

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Looking for some interesting minute to win it challenges? This story presents some really fun-filled one minute to win it games that you can play.
Minute to Win It, is a TV game show that has taken the world by storm. Every one wants to try their hands at wining it. This is because not only are the games interesting to play, but involve use of props that are economical and easily available. These games are easy enough for kids to play and contain sufficient challenge to entice an adult mind. If you are looking for such games for parties, then refer to the following list.

Minute to Win It Game Ideas

Bottoms Up

This is a game idea where the contestant tries to knock down 6 cans placed at 6 different tables with the help of a yo-yo. The challenge in this game is that the yo-yo is tied on the belt of the player on his backside. With the help of the momentum given to the waist, the player has to swing the yo-yo and knock off the cans. You need to have a lot off open space to play this game and the task is to be completed in 60 seconds.

Candy Elevator

Using pencils and string tied around the ears, contestant have to raise a platform containing 3 M&M's to their mouth. They have to eat up the candies without dropping any off the platform.

Punch Your Lights Out

In this game, the contestant has to throw a beanbag underhand to turn off about 6 to 9 sensor lights. If even a single one is turned back on, the contestant has to try to turn it back off within the time frame.

Wheel of a Deal

The contestant has to place 5×4 cards face down. These cards should contain only tens of different aces from each suit. These cards need to be separated on 5 different tables by flipping only one card at a time.

Stack Attack

This is an interesting game to play at home, where the contestant has to stack 36 cups in form of a pyramid. Once completed making a pyramid, the cups have to be taken down back into a single stack within one minute.

Stick the Landing

The contestant will be asked to toss a half full Fiji water bottle on a table. The bottle should be thrown in such a way that it lands about 5 feet away upright. The contestant gets 10 chances to attempt this task.

Card Ninja

The player needs to throw 1 to 3 playing cards about 6 feet away such that they get stuck into a watermelon.

Johnny Apple Stack

In this game challenge the contestant has to stack 4 to 5 apples on top of each other. The contestant has to re-stack the apples if they fall. The tower should stay stacked for 3 seconds.

Mega Bubble Challenge

This is a popular game for kids. The contestant has to blow bubbles and move it across the room by blowing on them. One bubble needs to be successfully transported from point 1 to point 2 and through a hula hoop to win the challenge. Not as easy as it sounds, as bubbles tend to burst or are not thick enough to be blown across.

Don't Blow the Joker

This is a rather difficult challenge that will be enjoyed by young adults. One needs to stack 5 card decks on 5 soda bottles. The joker has to be placed at the bottom of each stack. One has to blow off each card except the joker from the bottle. One gets 5 chances to perform this task in one minute.
These are a few minute to win it challenges that you can try for fun. These games are also suitable to be played on a fun weekend with your family. Hope you have found a few bright ideas from the games covered here.