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Minute to Win it Activities

Mukta Gaikwad
Minute to win it activities are not just fun to watch, but are quite engaging ideas for party games. Here's a list of minute to win it games that will make your party worth a memory!
When Guy Fieri says you've got a minute to win it, he literally means just a minute! Minute to Win It, is a most watched TV game show, so well structured that it won the C21/Frapa Award for Best Studio Based Game Show Format. Using rudimentary household materials for games is the basic premise of playing this game. Viewers across the globe are trying out these challenges as they are easy to make and fun to do.

Minute to Win it Games

Bottoms Up

This game uses a yo-yo and some soda cans. Attach the yo-yo to the participant's back and ask them to knock down the empty soda cans. The one to knock down maximum cans is the winner. And you thought knocking back soda cans was all about a bottoms up!

Bridge the Gap

The participant has to make bridge of playing cards that is 11 inches long. Additionally, the bridge must be able to hold the card box. Deal them well!

Brush with Danger

It's just about sliding a toothbrush in a holder. However, the challenge is that the toothbrush is looped by a dental floss and you are standing only 13 feet away from holder!

Candy Elevator

The participant needs to make a pulley by putting strings around the ears. The strings have pencil as the base, with a line of three M&Ms. These M&Ms have to be raised to the mouth and eaten to complete the challenge within a minute. Eating M&Ms just got a bit difficult, didn't it?

Coffee Topper

The contestant has to drop/throw CD covers from a three feet distance on the mouth of a coffee mug. They must stay and not bounce off. After all you wouldn't like to drink a cold coffee, would you?

Face the Cookie

In this challenge the contestant has to move two Oreo cookies from their forehead to their mouth. This has to be done individually.

Go the Distance

The contestants have to get three balls into three shot glasses. The only aid they have is a measuring tape which can be used as an incline. The glasses are placed 5 feet, 6 feet, and 7 feet apart respectively.

Hanky Panky

The participant has to pull out all the tissues out of a tissue box of 160 tissues. The issue is pulling them out, one by one, with just one hand!

Johnny Applestack

The contestant has to make a stack of five red apples on top of each other and hold it for 5 seconds. You think its easy? You'll realize that these games aren't all that easy after this!

Junk in Trunk

With a tissue box around the waist, the contestant has to try to get eight balls out of the box without using hands.

Kick Off

The participant has to kick four cans into a bucket with a limit of only 20 kicks.


Armed with 20 marbles, the participants must knock a pencil held upright at a distance of 15 feet. Guess all the obsession of playing marbles will finally pay off!

Mouth to Mouth

The participant must pull out a $1 bill from between the mouth of two glasses without knocking them over. The task has to be done with mouth and not hands.
These fun activities require simple apparatus and less space as well. Thus, they are extremely easy to put together. Hope this list of activities has given you a fair idea of what this game is all about.