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Amazing Masquerade Party Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Mar 1, 2020
You surely must have been to a masquerade party, as it is a very common theme practiced all over the world. Arranging a good event will need creativity and organizational skills. Let's take a look at some great ideas for the same.
A masquerade gathering; where all the visitors and people involved wear masks and authentic costumes, once worn by people in the earlier 15th century. As these parties were introduced to the society during this time, the parties today follow this trend.
Dressing back style involved corsets and bright colored gowns with lace borders and feathered hats for women. The men dressed in tight slacks or pants with a loose robe on top and a chest jacket over the robe. They wore hats with feathers and carried a sword.
These costumes, which have been followed for hundreds of years, are made and supplied for such events even today. The costumes and the masks are a huge show of style and class, as they are made in vibrant colors with sequin designs and very creative patterns.
The masks being the main aspect of the event. There's always a competition between the people who display the best masks. If you're thinking of organizing such an gathering, take a look at some great ideas mentioned in the following paragraphs.


When there used to be parties in the 15th century, the only thing that was important was the mask. Today when we talk about these parties, it includes the dressing as well as the masks. Thus, you will have to think about an elaborate way of organizing it.
Even though it is considered to be a party theme in itself, you can have a theme for it too. Wild or mild, it's for you to decide. So, find out by reading about some more ideas given ahead.


There are many ideas on which the themes can be based, they can either be formal or informal and they are mentioned here.
Since ,these parties were actually a ball in the olden times, the themes today support the Victorian and elegant ways of the gathering.
Casual parties are also very well-known, where the costumes and the dress codes are not very flashy and expensive.
These themes can be used for Halloween as well, where there can be a display of masks of various styles.
The decor depends on the level of formality, to which it is held. When the gathering is a very formal event, the decor has to be classy and well arranged, but if it is a personal celebration, it could be limited.
Since, a theme defines the dress code, food, activities, decoration, and favors related to it, the theme can also have these supplies, like the ones from the 15th century.
The games can also be organized by keeping the whole mysterious environment in mind, as everyone's identity is supposed to be quiet!


If you are wondering what to wear to this party, the answer for a dress code is very simple.
For the ladies, you can go shopping for the classiest corsets as there are lovely designs available today. The gowns don't have to be traditional, but can have modern styles and patterns.
Even though the theme is old, it isn't necessary that you have to follow it completely. You can mold the theme in your own way and modernize it with a stylish and classy look for masquerade dresses from the 21st century.
The guys can put on tight leather pants to go with a silk or satin loose shirt. The chest jacket can be bordered with gold or silver, and can even be a black one if you're wearing a white shirt.
For the hats, make sure they have feathers and sequins all over as that was the design worn back then, and is still conserved.
The masks are the best part of the whole theme, as they are made in a unique way. Each mask is beautifully styled with stones, sequins, and vibrant colors individually. They can be either tied around your forehead, or held in the hand.
These masks either cover only the eyes or the entire face, though the eye masks are more famous than the complete face ones.
With these wonderful ideas, you can definitely organize a great event for yourself.