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Easy-to-make Birthday Invitations at Home

Shashank Nakate Feb 23, 2020
One can prepare invitations for a birthday without having to resort to the expensive cards that are available in the market. Read on to know how to make birthday invitations at home, easily and without spending too much money.
Have you ever tried to create birthday invitations on your own? These parties are always a fun-filled activity and therefore invites for such occasions should be well-suited.
If it is the birthday of your kid, then the whole thing becomes much more enjoyable. Children add zest and joy to any kind of celebratory occasions. The invites should be welcoming and colorful.

Making Invites

Purchasing ready-made cards from the market is no fun at all. One can prepare the cards all by himself and give a personal touch to the whole process. Various designs can be used to prepare such cards.
Theme-based cards, viz., the balloon cards, cupcake cards, candle cards, gift card, etc., can be used for preparing the background image. The images of balloons, cakes, and other such things make the invitations much more relevant in their appearance.

Making Invitations With Household Items

Making invitation cards at home enables us to give them a customized look and put across your message in an attractive way. Children should be allowed to participate in the activity. It would help them in gaining the basic skills of sketching, painting, cutting, etc.
The following procedure would help us understand how to make the cards in a better way.
▪ Drawing paper should be used as a base for making a card. The other materials required in this kids' craft include crayons, a pair of scissors, acrylic paints, and pencils.
▪ The drawing paper should be cut properly and folded into the shape of a greeting card.
▪ The card would thus, have 4 faces (actually, pages). The first page should be colored/decorated with the theme that one chooses. If possible, one may cut the page along the shape of the design portrayed on this page.
▪ The shapes to be drawn should be simple and need not consume much time.
▪ The 3rd page should be used to write the message of invitation. The 2nd and 4th pages can either be left blank or decorated with simple design patterns.
▪ The date, venue, and time of the party should be written in bold letters.
▪ The name of the person whom you are inviting can be written on the 3rd page, above the message.

Use of MS Word

The templates provided by Microsoft Word can be customized to add graphics and text messages. One can make a nice card, using this software. The following steps act as a guide for this.
▪ The first step is to open a word document and choose the 'file' option from the menu bar.
▪ One should select 'new' followed by 'template' and search for online templates/designs.
▪ The options, 'invitations' and 'parties' need to be selected.
▪ The templates obtained from the Internet can be customized by adding graphics to them. Font color, size, and style should be selected to add the required message.
▪ For important instructions such as the date, time, and venue, a bigger font should be used.
▪ The 'print' option from 'file' menu is useful.
▪ Depending on your choice, a regular or glossy paper can be used.
Some people do not have time to spend on the process of making invitations all by themselves. However, if they would still want to customize the invitations to some extent, there are websites on the Internet, which can prove to be of great help.
One can choose from the ready-made templates and page size to be used. Addition of a custom message followed by printing the card completes the process.
One can make full use of his creativity in this activity irrespective of whether you are executing it to make surprise birthday invites or to convey well thought out invitation wording. The whole process becomes fun-filled when the children are allowed to participate in it.