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Kids' Party Games

Aastha Dogra Mar 2, 2020
Want to show kids the time of their lives at your party? Simple, plan the fun party games mentioned here. Read on...
If you have planned a party to which lots of kids are invited, you have to think of some interesting ways to keep them occupied! Although there will be the scrumptious food to hold their attention, still for most kids, parties equal to fun time.
And what better way to make the kids enjoy themselves than by planning some interesting games for them. So for all those who are looking for some engaging party games for kids, given below are the most interesting ones.

Banned Movements

Ask all the players to stand in a circle. Next, instruct them on the rules of this fun game for kids. The players have to follow all the movements that you (or any child you choose as leader) make while standing in the middle of the circle. Say, if you clap twice, the children have to do the same and so on.
Except for when you make two "banned movements". These banned movements are pre-decided, say when you touch your nose and when you wave your left hand. When you make these movements, the children can make any movement but not the one that you are making.
Those players who forget this rule and repeat these "banned movements" after you, are declared "out". Tip to make this game even more interesting - the leader should make rapid movements!

Impromptu Talent Show

Another fun indoor game is an impromptu talent show. To play this game, you need to prepare a number of paper chits on which things like "dance for two minutes" "jump fifty times" "sing a song" "act like a monkey", etc. are written. Fold these chits and place them in a container.
Ask the kids to sit in a circle and pass the container as the music is played. When the music stops, the player who has the container, has to pick one chit and do whatever is written on it. As the kids indulge in this impromptu talent show, it can be quite a treat to watch them!

Water Race

If you are looking for some interesting outdoor games, then a relay water race fits the bill completely. For this game, some of the things you will need are buckets filled with water, sponges and a large bowl. Divide the kids into teams of three to four each. Give each of the teams a bucket of water.
At a distance of about twenty feet, place the empty large bowl for each team. The kids, with the help of the sponge, have to soak water from the bucket, run towards their team's large bowl and squeeze out the water in it.
The rule of the game is that all kids have to participate, so as soon a kid comes back after squeezing out the water, he has to hand over the sponge to the other kid in his team and so on. The team which fills its bowl first is the winner of this game.

Left Toe Right Toe

This game is played with two children at a time. The players have to take off their footwear and sit down on the floor. Next, place two plates in front of the kids. One of the plates is empty, while the other has ten grapes. Now, the kids have to pick up the grapes one by one and place them in the empty plate.
The catch is that they can not use their hands, they can either pick up the grapes with their mouth or their toes and place them in the other plate. The participant who finishes first is declared the winner.
Besides the ones mentioned above, you can keep some familiar games, such as musical chairs, scavenger hunt, Chinese whispers, dumb charades and freeze, which the kids already know of and thus will immensely enjoy. When planning games for a birthday party, make sure that you give away prizes to each and every kid. Although, there will be some winners and some losers, to keep the kids in high spirits, give everyone a candy or a goody bag, to take home the happy memories!