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Exciting Kids' Carnival Party Ideas

Manali Oak Feb 11, 2020
Thinking about throwing a carnival party for your kids and their friends? Planning to have something new this time? Then read on for some kids' carnival party ideas.
"Party Time!" when the kids at home yell with joy, it is time for the moms to plan for a carnival that would be interesting and memorable. Moms often come up with brilliant ideas and throw a wonderful party for their kids and his/her friends.
An interesting carnival party idea can bring that twinkle in your kids' eyes, a smile on their faces and a cheer to their mood. What more does a happy home want? Here are some carnival party ideas.

Ideas for a Kids' Carnival Party

To make your carnival party exciting and enjoyable, involve fun games, kids' favorite food and some interesting prizes for your guests. A party needs no specific occasion. It could be a birthday party or just a fun-raiser for kids.
A carnival party is an opportunity to have a blast and see your kids dance in an atmosphere of fun and merriment. Games, goodies, good food, chocolates, balloons and interesting party themes can make your carnival party a memorable one.
Make well-crafted, colorful invitations for the guests at your carnival party. Use colored paper, glitters and color pens to make the invitations. You can cut out cards of different shapes or of shapes that suit your party theme. Use colors to write in your invitations.
You may talk about your party plan in brief, specify the dress code, if planned so and keep a surprise element in your invitation. Let the fun begin!
Theme your party and base the invitations, the costumes of your guests, their gifts and prizes on that theme. Circus, animals, angel-n-devil are some of those themes that can make your carnival interesting.
Ask your guests to dress suiting the theme, plan your goodies based on that theme. Theme-based masks and party caps can supplement it.
For a party, you can plan some exciting games for the kids. One of them could be a competition of eating cakes; another could be of blowing balloons. You can arrange a treasure hunt, in which the kids guided by clues track their way to reach the treasure! Plan fun games and races in case you are to throw an outdoor carnival party.
In case of an outdoor party or if the party hall is spacious, you can plan to set up some stalls and booths for fun games and activities that children enjoy.
Face painting, tattooing, basketball shooting, ball toss, throwing a ball through a hanging hula hoop and darting are some of the enjoyable activities that can add a fun element to the carnival party.
You can even have a cotton candy machine or a popcorn machine set up in the backyard to add to the kids' fun. Give your guests tickets to play the booth games and prizes for the winners.
Install tents for your game booths and stalls to give a different look to your party. Decorate the place with balloons, streamers, glaze papers and hand-painted charts as signboards. Make the atmosphere look colorful.
If you have themed a carnival party, make decorations, which will represent your theme. Don't forget to play some lovely music. Your kids' favorite numbers are sure to add to their happiness.
A carnival party, be it thrown for any reason, is about having a gala time. It is a day for the kids to enjoy with their dear friends. It is a day to play and win prizes. It's a day to relish their favorite foods. Make it special by planning 'generously'!