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Interesting Ideas for a Ladybug-themed Birthday Party

Sheetal Mandora
Ladybug! An ideal party theme for girls, planning an event such as this requires unprecedented amount of care and attention to detail. Read to know more fun and interesting ideas for a ladybug-themed party and some free party printables.
Opening presents at the party or not?
  1. Kids will learn to accept gifts gracefully.
  2. Guests like to see their presents being liked.
  1. Other kids might get bored.
  2. They may want to play with the gifts.
Theme parties are popular among kids and adults of all ages. So, when it comes to celebrating your little princess's birthday, we know that you're looking for something exceptionally wonderful; for example, a ladybug theme.

If you're interested in planning a party around this theme, we have a ton of ideas to share. All you need to do is browse through the following images, note down the ones you want to do for your child's party, and move on to planning the event.

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Ladybug-themed Birthday Party Ideas

In order to make the soirée elegant and charming, you need to pick colors this theme demands―red, white, black, and green. You can keep the theme either traditional (only with black and red color palette), or take a modern approach (green, white, and pink). Basically, it's for you to decide how you wish to set the tone for the party. And it all begins from the invitations.


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Cut the printout in half so that you can separate the front and back of the card, cut around the edges of the paper, and paste it on a piece of paperboard for durability.

Venue Décor

If you're hosting the party at home or in a local park, use balloons and signboards to decorate the venue. Not only are these ideas fun to execute, they won't cost you much as well. You can easily select elements that complement the theme.

Birthday Banner

Depending on what you wish to write on the banner, print as many blank circles as you like. To make the banner, just punch two holes on top of each circle and string a ribbon or jute string through it.

Table Setting

You have the option to place a table of desserts, food, games, and activities to be the center of attention. Of course, it's going to require elements pertaining to the theme; so choose the items wisely. Hang a banner above the table (printable above) and label it depending on the items served on the table.

Party Supplies

As the invitation set the tone for the party, it needs to follow through with the decorations as well.
Grab the supplies from your local party store or opt to shop online. But, if your budget isn't allowing you to splurge, don't worry; grab a red-white or red-black polka dot tablecloth and other supplies to 'set the stage'.

Birthday Cake + Desserts

If you're not one to shy away from baking, make the ladybug-themed cake and cupcakes at home.
Basically, you'll need red, black, and white frosting along with flowers, ladybugs, leaves, bows, etc., made with fondant. Depending on the number of guests attending the party, bake a cake large enough for everyone to have more than one piece.

Party Foods

From sandwiches to adorable appetizers that resemble the ladybug will be a hit at the party.
Apart from the theme related foods, you can also serve other items like salty snacks, pizzas, hot dogs, nachos, and some refreshing beverages.


Give kids some ladybug coloring pages to add to the party fun. Apart from this, you can even engage them in face painting and a game of ladybug-themed bean bag toss. Don't forget to take pictures at this point.

Party Favors

Ladybug favors is a wonderful way to let the kids cherish moments they've spent at the party. Either place the items in a box or a goody bag with ladybug umbrella, stuff toy, suitcase, toy, jewelry, and/or cupcake.
After weeks of planning, it's funny how it all ends in a day's time. But, you can make the moments last forever; by taking loads and loads of pictures at the party. Regardless of your child's age, the pictures you take will be her everlasting memories.