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Instructions to Play the 'Land Mines' Drinking Game

Sheetal Mandora
Whether you wish to kill time at home or have a blast at a local bar, the Land Mines drinking game will always come to your rescue. Go through this story to find all the information you require to play the game fair and square.
"Beer is not a good cocktail-party drink, especially in a home where you don't know where the bathroom is."
― Billy Carter
Even though many college students love playing drinking games, it shouldn't be limited to them. Basically, no matter how old you are (albeit, at or above the legal drinking age), there's nothing more exhilarating than spending quality time with your buddies playing a game, which involves chugging beer.
If you love drinking beer and hanging out with your joyful friends, the Land Mines drinking game is totally for you. All you require are a handful of items (mentioned below), and the instructions to start the game.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this story is intended for audiences of legal drinking age and for entertainment purposes only. Drink Responsibly. Don't drink and drive.
# of Players: 3 to 6
Level: Intermediate
Entertainment?: Guaranteed!


Depending on the number of participants, you can ask them to bring their own beer cans or bottles. This way, you won't end up bearing the entire expense of this lovely game.
You can have either beer bottles or cans (filled, obviously!), or both to play the game. On the other hand, you can use shot glasses to empty beers in. Once you have gathered all these items (preferably a whole lot more of the beer), let's move on to the instructions on how to play the Land Mines drinking game.
1. Place a big, sturdy table in the middle of the room to play the game over, and have everyone encircle it.

2. Out of all the players, pick a system of your own to decide who's Player 1, 2, etc.; this will determine which player needs to begin the game.
3. Each player gets a beer bottle, can, or shot glass of their own. Hand the quarter to Player 1 and ask him/her to spin it over the table.

4. As the quarter spins, Player 1 has to take a chug of beer (it can be 5 big gulps or a shot, you decide) from the same hand he/she spun the quarter with.
5. As Player 1 is trying to chug the beer in his/her hand, hopefully, the coin doesn't stop spinning. So, before that happens, Player 1 has to finish the drink (not the entire bottle or can, but the amount previously decided) and pick up the spinning coin off the table with that same hand.
6. If Player 1 was successful in picking up the quarter coin, the game continues with Player 2, and so on and so forth.
7. As the game progresses, the actual part of the game comes into play―land mines. Once a bottle or can is empty, it can be used as a land mine in the game by all the players (but not the one doing the drinking at that moment).
Apart from this, the remaining players can also use the bottles or cans in their hands as land mines. However, once these half-empty/half-full bottles or cans are used, they have to stay on the table till the game ends.
8. How the land mine works is that when a player spins the coin and is chugging beer, other players get to slam their 'land mines' over the spinning coin to spot it.

9. If and when someone does that, before the player has the chance to pick up the coin, the latter has to finish the entire drink and respin.
10. As more and more land mines are placed on the table, spinning the coin without hitting them becomes slightly tough. Why, you ask? Because if the spinning coin hits any of the land mines, that player has to finish the drink in his/her hand and respin.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is no real winner here. Or perhaps, it'll be the player who's less hammered than others. Keep the game going and have even more fun; form alliances with other players and build strategies to 'destroy' the rest. The game ends once all the beer bottles or cans are empty, which is when the table becomes a nuclear fallout zone.
While playing the game, make sure that you don't pick on one player, or he/she will the only player that gets to drink the sweet nectar―most commonly known as beer!