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Instructions for Minute to Win It Games

Rujuta Borkar Mar 7, 2020
The story will help you understand the concept of minute to win it games by providing the correct form of instructions for the same.
Games of any kind ensure a whole lot of fun, do they not? Sure they do! So then you make do with some of the most popular ones that have been taught to you since your childhood.
And you continue to play the same, given any party or occasion. What if I tell you that you can bring in a twist to your entertainment scene by including some of the most entertaining games ever?
What I'm talking about here is the Minute to Win it games which have gained so much popularity in the recent times. The unique selling point of these games is that they are simple to replicate and one can usually play them at any occasion.
They work as pure entertainment factors as well as team building activities. Many times though, the instructions for these games needs to be given well enough so that there is no confusion in the same.

Minute to Win It Game Ideas

As is clear, these games will be played while maintaining a timing of 60 seconds each. The great thing about these games is that they double up as some of the best competitive games. There are several one-minute games, and with proper instructions for these, it becomes an even more enjoyable affair. Let us get into the details of the same by giving you a few examples.

Yo-Yo Trouble


This is an absolutely fun Minute to Win it office game, because it works as one of the most ideal icebreakers and team building activities as well. This one is sure to bring in loads of laughter. All you need for this game are:
  • 10-15 empty soda cans
  • Yo-yo
  • Waist belt

The contestants have to tie a yo-yo across their belt so that it fits and comes down over like a tail. The aim of the game is to knock down as many cans as possible with the help of the swinging yo-yo. The deal is that the contestants cannot touch any part of their body or the yo-yo or the belt.
They can turn back to see from time to time to check for the placement of the cans. The amount of cans that are knocked down under the minute are counted and the contestant who manages to knock down the maximum number of cans, wins.

Ball Finders


This game requires one to keep their excitement levels under control. What one needs for this game are:
  • 4 Ping-pong balls
  • Blindfold
  • Cardboard tubes

Place 4 plastic balls on top of cardboard tubes of varying heights across the room. Let the contestant observe the position of where the balls have been placed, then blindfold him/her and swing them around 2-3 times and that's when the game starts.
The objective of the game is that they have to find at least 2 balls within the minute. If they knock over 2 of the cardboard tubes in their hunt, they are disqualified.

Balls in Glass


This game requires a lot of precision and technique. Here's what you need for the same:
  • 2 long glasses
  • Ping-pong balls
  • Table

A glass is placed on the table and a basket with several ping-pong balls are placed near the contestant. The aim of the game is that the contestant has to get in two balls simultaneously into the glasses. The balls have to bounce at least once on the table before they get into the glass.
One ball is not counted. If they get at least a pair in, they can start on the next pair.

Join the Pieces


This is one of the most fun Minute to Win it games to play at home. All it requires is:
  • Chart paper
  • Sticking tape
  • Cereal box

A cereal box is cut into several pieces and the pieces are upturned. The contestant has to stand near these pieces that have been upturned onto the table and at the go of the whistle he has to turn them over and start piecing them together with the help of the tape onto the chart.
The person who finishes assembling these pieces first is the winner.
And there you go, some of the most entertaining games in this category that can be played at absolutely any function, and lead to a whole load of fun and entertainment. And when you play these games for yourself, you'll see what I mean.