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Ideas for an Awesome Outer Space-themed Party

Yohan Adrianwalla Mar 6, 2020
How do you throw a party in space? - you planet. If your little one dreams of becoming an astronaut, there is no need to start thinking about NASA and how much it's going to cost. Their birthday could be just the opportunity you need to make their dreams come true.
Recently, Commander Barry 'Butch' Wilmore celebrated his 52nd birthday aboard the International Space Station. Unfortunately, he could not have any cake, as no crumbly bakery products are allowed on board. So, the cake his wife sent was enjoyed by those in flight control here on Earth.


The centerpiece of any birthday party, the cake, is your top priority. Thankfully, you get cakes in various shapes and sizes, or bakers are willing to create them to your specifications. There are many ideas for an outer space-themed cake, like a Rocket Cake, Moon Cake, Robot Cake, Solar System Cake, and the like.

Space Treats

To lend authenticity to your outer space-themed party, try some real freeze dried space ice cream. Since they are naturally shaped like flying saucers and planets, donuts and holes make the perfect food for this theme. Almond rocks or any chocolate covered in silver foil would create the ultimate moon rocks.
It's pretty simple to dress up a soda bottle as a rocket. Try swirling combinations of chocolate and vanilla to make the Milky Way. Any drink of your choice can be named rocket fuel for the theme.


Paper lantern planets, small paper rockets to hang, rocks spray painted silver, and glow-in-the-dark stars will ensure the scene is all set.
Paint two plastic soda bottles silver and stick them together side to side. Use string for shoulder straps, and voila!!!! Add red and yellow paper or cloth into the mouth of the bottle to look like flames. You can also create a rocket ship out of a large cardboard box, with cutouts for portholes. Makes for the perfect photo opportunity.
Glow sticks, necklaces, and balloons will add the futuristic element. Two small drop-shaped cardboard cutouts stuck on a balloon, like eyes, makes for creepy aliens. Cutouts of space helmets will give you lasting memories.


All 'astronauts' get a balloon and have to keep it in the air while the music is playing. Once you stop the music, you name a color. The astronauts with that colored asteroid needs to pop it and perform the task given inside, to win a prize.
Decorate a Frisbee to make it look like a flying saucer, and toss it around.
Play a game of a simple treasure hunt for red rocks which you have carefully hidden around.

Party Favors

- Astronaut or alien action figures
- Glow-in-the-dark silly putty / space goo
- Space ice cream
- Photos from the rocket or helmet cutouts
- Rocket crayons / space coloring books