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Ideas for a 21st Birthday Cake

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 24, 2020
Ideas for a 21st birthday cake have to be symbolic of what happens at that age or at that party. Read on to know some of the ideas that you can use to make your celebration a memorable one.
Turning 21 is reaching an important milestone of life. With 21, one gets a few privileges, rights and responsibilities along with them. The start of such an important year, has to be celebrated in a grand way.
The birthday party must be filled with fun, excitement and thrill to make it an unforgettable one. So, if you are planning one for your soon-to-be-21-year-old, then you've got some real duty to fulfill.
No party is complete without a cake, and especially a 21st birthday party, you may be looking for ideas for a 21st birthday cake. Let down your worries, as herein you will find some interesting cake ideas to make the cake cutting ceremony a grand event.

Birthday Cake Ideas

Theme Cake

Every birthday party has a theme. It gives you the guideline for planning the decorations and the costumes for the party. So, what is the theme for your birthday party? Say for instance, the party theme is the late 60's-70's. It was an era of disco lights and the hippie revolution.
For a theme as such, you can get a cake of an LP shape and color. Get the Beatles or ABBA painted on the face of the cake. A cake has to complement the theme and not stand out in contrast. A thematic cake that gels with your party celebrations will definitely to be right one for this party.

High Spirits

In most countries, consumption of alcohol is allowed only after 21 years of age. Many clubs permit alcohol to people only if they are 21 years and above. So, a cake with an alcohol flavor makes the ideal birthday cake for this age.
If the birthday person is a first time drinker, then go with a rum essence, as its lighter. But, if the birthday person is a complete teetotaler, then have a cake that is shaped like a bottle of alcohol, for instance, Jack Daniel or Absolut Vodka. This would be a great symbolic representation.

Hobby Cake

All of us hold our hobbies close to our hearts. For many of us, hobbies are our passions and something we closely relate to. So, what is your birthday person's hobby? A cake that symbolically represents what the birthday person really likes will be truly appreciated.
For instance, a football shaped cake, car shaped cake, a cake that has a gardening scene and so forth are some ideas for hobby cakes. You can also make a shoe shaped cake, if the person likes collecting shoes.

1st Birthday

Throwing this birthday party for your child, will make you realize that he/she will now venture into the real adult life. Being 21 gets you at the juncture of role reversals and adulthood.
Have the child's first birthday picture glazed on this birthday cake, to reminisce the most cherished moments of childhood. It's fun to go back to memories of childhood that are full of love and laughter. A cake with a picture of the birthday person's 1st birthday is a great way of saying the same.
Get in touch with the baker well in advance, so that you get the cake in time. Making last minute calls will only add to unnecessary fury. Thus, if you are planning to throw a surprise, do dig a little deeper into what the birthday person really wants. Stick his favorite flavors, instead of making it a universally liked flavored cake.