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How to Throw a Housewarming Party

Neha Joshi Feb 28, 2020
Read this story and know how to throw a housewarming party, one that everyone would enjoy. There is a lot that goes into planning a great housewarming party and we have the smallest of details listed out for you.
For those who don't know, the concept of housewarming is a bit different from what we know it as of today. In the olden days, when central heating was not invented or was not commonly used, guests were called to a new home, to warm it. They had to bring with them firewood, which would be used for fire in every fireplace in the house.
Centuries after, the concept of inviting guests to show your new home and to celebrate remains; but now, the guests get along gifts of all types that can be useful in the newly built home. It is a custom to show all your guests around your home and show them how you have made up your new home.
In some religions, it is considered auspicious if guests walk in the new home for a few days.

Throwing a Housewarming Party...

These tips will tell you how to throw a housewarming party and will guide you right till the end. You have two options while throwing this party. First, you can make it really big if your home provides the space to accommodate those many people. If not, you can keep two housewarming parties, one for friends and the other for relatives. Some people keep an altogether different party for their colleagues.

Theme the Party

One of the most common concepts nowadays is to theme your party. A themed party is always more fun than a casual party. People actually look forward to a party wherein they themselves have to take some efforts and dress accordingly. You can choose any theme that you like but avoid some that are incompletely irrelevant, such as Halloween. You will have to decorate your entire house in accordance to the theme so make sure you choose a theme that is rational.

Send the Invites

Your next job is to send invites to the people you want to invite. Your invitations have to be ready a month prior to when you want to keep your party, so that you can give people a lot of time in advance to make proper arrangements. You can design the invitations in accordance to the theme as well.
The housewarming invitation wording can either hint that the guests have to come dressed according the theme or you can straight away mention the theme and request your guests to dress accordingly.

The Food

Depending on the number of people who attend the housewarming party, you can either cook the food yourself and hire catering services. You have to make sure that the food is also a little, if not completely, relevant to the theme you have chosen. In olden times, a housewarming party used to usually have a potluck meal and you can do the same this time too. A potluck meal is where every guest contributes one dish/cuisine as part of the meal for the party.

Other Preparations

Except for these, there are many other minute details that will need your attention while throwing a housewarming party and it is equally important you know of these while knowing how to throw a housewarming party. How you are going to accommodate the guests is priority number one as all the guests need to be comfortable.
You will be receiving a lot of gifts and you should thus, make place for them too. Since guests are going to be checking the entire home, you should make arrangements in every room for them to sit, talk, drink and eat.


Another important part is the favors you will be giving your guests. Not many people give favors at a housewarming party, but it is always a good gesture to do so. After all, these people are only coming to adore your new home. The favors, again, need to be in accordance to the theme you have decided. If you're not going to have a theme, you can give away favors that symbolize good luck, such as a potted money plant.
These tips will prove to be really useful when you actually throw your party. It is now evident that knowing how to throw a housewarming party isn't all that difficult. Plan well and in time to make implementing of that plan even more easy for you. You can divide the guests to make it easier for you and this way, people will keep on coming for the first few days. Make sure your home is warmed with the love of as many people as possible.