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How to Throw a Hotel Party

Anamika Kumari Mar 6, 2020
It's the festive season, and reasons to celebrate are plenty. Is the only thing that's stopping you from throwing the party is lack of partying space? Then a hotel party is your thing. This story tips you generously on how to throw a hotel party. The story shall prep you with ideas to make the party as amazing as the host.

Everything comes with a price

In spite of the mess that trails behind after a party scene, a lot of hotels have specially designed packages for hotel parties due to the growing popularity among its customers. All you need to do is take your pick and pay the price.
The idea of throwing a hotel party can turn into a total nightmare when you plan it wrong. There was a time when the hotel authorities would be left flabbergasted after a night to find the amount of damage done to their property after the guest has left.
The host of the party is often too worried about paying for those damages or the bar in the room that was looted the previous night. With a few ideas at hand, one can totally enjoy the confidentiality and privacy of a hotel room for partying without having to worry about the expenses.


A Place of Convenience

Look for a hotel in your city that is conveniently accessible to most of your guests. Find out about the hotel policies and offered packages regarding such parties. Try to negotiate the price as well as the terms and conditions (if applicable).
Spend a day to personally visit the hotel and check the room being offered for enough space to accommodate all the guests. Also, get yourself known to the other facilities that the hotel has to offer.
Try not to get into a direct questionnaire with the hotel management, but work your way with sources of info. Having a direct talk can lead to instant denial of room space.

Personally Invite

Once you have decided upon the venue, start working on the invites. Send out cool e-invites or personally drop invitation notes into each guest's mailbox.
You can always call up your friends over the phone or create group events over social networking sites. But personally designed, handwritten invites are still in as long as they are high on the creativity quotient.
To create a buzz about the party, just ask your guests to clear their schedule for that night, but don't reveal the venue or the occasion until the very last day.

Fun with Props

Arrange for small but funny props to be worn compulsorily by each guest of the evening. You can have your own cool stamp made to mark your guests. All these will give a powerful, fun boost to your party.

Food and Drinks

Consider a lot of beer and vodka for beverages as they are pretty cheap and can be served with everything. Get fruit juices and soda for mixing. You can also make your own watermelon keg by soaking a punctured watermelon with rum and then adding a tap to it.
Don't bail out on the munchies. Get as much finger food items as you can. Salted nuts, fries, wafers, crackers, nachos, and grapes are great options for munchies. You can get huge-sized sealed packets of some of these from a general store you know so that the unopened packets can be returned the next day.
People can get really hungry as the party goes on and then the munchies won't be enough to keep them busy. Plan food options such as burgers and pizzas to cater to the guests' appetite.

Desserts should be such that they can be enjoyed without any drip or spill, same as the food. Little bites of sweet would make no harm unless they crumble and make a mess.

The Disposable Stuff

Opt for paper napkins, plates, and paper cups for serving the food and beverages.
This way, you ensure minimum breakage and damage of property and don't have to bother about the hotel complaining about the amount of dirty dishes you leave back.

Packing and Delivery

Peddling the arrangements to your room is quite an issue. You have to ensure minimal attention from the hotel authorities. Pack everything in large traveling bags and get them delivered to your room by a hotel staff. Don't forget to tip the staff generously to wave off his curiosities about the contents of your heavy bags.

Room Arrangements

Once you get the keys to your room, read the room agreement document carefully to find what you can be billed upon and confirm the policies.
Clear the party scene of any object that you think might get damaged during your fun hours. Store them away safely where it is less likely to fall or break. Arrange the food, munchies, paper plates, napkins, and paper cups on a table.
Set up trash bags at every nook and corner and around the display of food so that you can get the litter cleared away easily after the party. Stock your bathtub with ice cubes, and use it for refrigerating the drinks.

Escorting Guests

When your guests start arriving, sneak them into the room in groups of three to four. Ensure that the move is swift and seems normal to the prying security cameras. Avoid large groups and loitering around the hotel premises. This may attract unwanted attention.

Plan Activities Ahead

Since all your party animals are inside the room, fun is inevitable. In case you have friends from various sources gathered up in one room, you may want to start with introductions.
Pre-plan activities that shall encourage participation from all. Dance always works for parties, but you might want to keep the music low so as to prevent complaints from the neighboring rooms. This would be applicable to the noise made by your guests too.

Saving Measure

With all the precautionary measures put together, there is still a fair chance of getting busted at the peak hours of your party scene. Even if it happens and your crew is thrown out of the hotel, you can always head to the nearest bar and continue with the amazing time all night long!
It is always said that there is that one person who always spoils the fun. Now to avoid that kind of a situation, list out your guests wisely. Being the host, check on your guests individually to see what else is needed around the room. Make it a point that everyone is comfortable and having fun. After all, it's a good host that makes a good party.