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How to Throw a Beach Birthday Party

Sheetal Mandora
Having a beach birthday party? Maybe we can help you plan it. Let's see how to throw a beach birthday party without missing any details...
Birthday parties are supposed to be fun, entertaining, and a thing to remember forever. While planning a beach birthday party, one of the most important things is that your guests are having a blast. If you live in near the coastal region or are a short drive away from a beach, you should definitely not miss the opportunity to plan your party there.
A beach party may seem tough, but it has its own rewards. There are so many beach activities you and your guests can do, the venue is already set, and all you have to do is wait for everyone to arrive.
Although there are certain things you need to take care of before, while, and after the party. Here, we will go over each of these points one by one.

Before the Party Begins

There are few things like the party invitations, deciding the theme, and planning what you'll serve at the party have to be decided. Now as per your budget, all these things will vary. Ask a friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend to help you out here

The Invitations

First of all, make a guest list. Write down the names of people you want to invite and get that many invitation cards. You want to keep the information to the bare minimum. Write down the date and time of the party and give them a clue about the venue as well. You want your guests to be prepared (be in beachwear).
And if you want to get creative with the invitations, then search for some interesting beach party wordings. This should give your guests some clue of what lies ahead.

The Theme

Go a little beyond the beach party theme. Visit your local party store and search for cool decorations and supplies. Decorate a little space on the beach with tea lamps, place a big cloth over the table which has the food, place a BBQ nearby, or bring big colorful umbrellas.
Or better yet, have a Hawaii beach luau!! You can even have a color theme like rainbow colors, a combination of 2 to 3 colors, or select your favorite color. Ask your guests to wear these colors only. Isn't that a cool idea!!

During the Party

Whilst the party is going on, you have to keep an eye on the food and games. If all your guests aren't familiar with each other, it could be tough to have them mingle and enjoy the party. In order to have them play the games, you've got to help them break the ice. Be the best host/hostess of your party.
Also, be careful that you have enough food for everyone. If you feel that you're going to run out of certain items, don't wait around. Have someone grab more food from a nearby restaurant.

The Games

Apart from the beach games and sports like volleyball, tug of war, parasailing, and parasurfing, there are other games you can play to enjoy the party to the fullest.

The Food

The food you serve at your beach party will depend entirely on your budget. Also, the number of guests will make a difference in your menu selection.
You can have finger foods for appetizers and some beverages (alcoholic if there are only adults at the party). Or you can have a full meal like appetizers, main course, beverages, and even dessert. And if you don't feel like packing the food, you can eat at one of the restaurants near the beach.

After the Party is Over

Once the party is almost ending, there's one last thing you need to take care of as a host. After your party, we believe the guests must be waiting for their party favors. So, make sure you come up with some cool beach party favors that will get everyone excited.
There are tons of ideas for party favors like seashell-shaped candles, box of assorted chocolates, colorful beach towels, beaded candle holders, or even wind chimes. Get creative with the favors.
These were a few beach party ideas to make your birthday unforgettable. Oh and don't forget to bring your camera along. There's going to be lots of occasions to take memorable pictures of everyone.