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How to Select the Best Cake Stand for your Party?

Julia Knight Collection
A lot of factors such as the design and weight of the cake, the size of the cake stand, and even the material of the cake's plate plays a vital role in the selection of the right cake stand. Here's how you can select the best cake stand for.
Tiered cake stands not only enhance the aesthetics of the cake put on display, but also help in providing ample support to keep the cake in place. Here's how you can select the best cake stand for your party...
Buy a cake stand that would bare the weight of your cake. You can examine the stand while buying it by placing books that weigh the same as your cake on the stand.  If it withstands the weight, then you are good to go. A metal cake stand is a right choice for a heavier cake.
1. Weight and Capacity of the Cake Stand
The size of your cake and the number of guests are two factors that determine the number of tiers you will need in the stand. A 3-tier cake stand has been a tradition at most weddings for ages. But you can even go for a 2-tier cake stand if you have a limited guest list.
2. The Number of Tiers
Whether you will need a 9-inch cake stand, a 10-inch cake stand, or a 14-inch cake stand will be determined by the size of the base of the cake. A cake stand with a smaller cake plate may tilt your cake to a side and ruin the arrangement.
3. Size of the Cake Stand
Other than the flavor, color, theme, and decoration of the cake, the above factors if kept in mind will make your cake a show-stealer.
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