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How to Play the Monopoly Drinking Game

Tanaya Navalkar
Monopoly is an all-time favorite board game that is loved by everyone. Are you bored of playing the regular Monopoly game? It's time to spice up your old board game by adding an alcoholic twist to it. Have fun while watching everyone make their drunken moves and strategies. In this post, we tell you the rule for playing the Monopoly Drinking Game.

Did You Know?

The longest game of Monopoly lasted for 70 days straight! Maybe, you should think about setting a new record in the drunken version of Monopoly.
Remember those good, old childhood days, where you spent the entire day playing board games? Now that you are all grown up, you probably want those moments back, right? Monopoly does not need an introduction. It is a fun, family game that has been popular among children as well as adults for decades now. It's time for you to take this game to the next level.
Ever thought your favorite board game could be turned into a drunken Monopoly? Yes, it is possible. Try playing this alcoholic version and notice how much more enjoyable it can get after 6 - 7 shots of your favorite liquor.
You'll be laughing, planning, cracking jokes, smirking at your best friend or brother, and most importantly, drinking your way into an awesome and fun-filled rest of the day! So, bring that board out, which has been lying covered in dust somewhere, and turn it into a party game.

Monopoly Drinking Game

The basic rules are same as the regular Monopoly board game, but make sure, everyone playing the game is above the age of 21 years. Read further to find out how to play the Monopoly drinking game.

All you will need is...

  • A Monopoly board and all the accessories that go with the game. (Obviously!)
  • Ideal drinks - Choose a drink that you can drink a lot, maybe, beer or wine!
  • People who don't mind getting drunk while handling money.


Assign one player as the banker and another as the bartender before starting the game. The job of the bartender will be to give out drinks to people whenever they accomplish their goals.

Play the game as you usually do, but with additional, interesting drinking rules.

Refresh everyone's memories regarding the rules, once, before starting the game.

Get your shot glasses or beer cans ready.

Get started!


Whenever you land on someone else's property, pay the rent and drink! And drink three times, if they own that color.

Drink whenever you roll a double.

Drink whenever you land on GO. Choose someone to drink twice, or everyone takes a shot except the player.
Drink when you arrive at a Hotel.

Drink when you mortgage a property.

Drink when you go to Jail, and if someone lands on Just Visiting.

Pour a part of your drink into the common pitcher before drinking, whenever you land on Income Tax, or if you have any bills to pay.

Gulp down the rest of your drink when you go bankrupt.

If you land on Free Parking, drink the whole pitcher.

If you are in Jail, gulp down the whole drink to get out.

If the bank owes you some money, choose someone else to drink twice.

If you make a deal with any player on a property, take a shot of the liquor.

Chance and Community Chest

Drink whenever you arrive at Chance or Community Chest.

Drink whenever you have to pay.

If you owe $50 to each player, you must drink once for each player.
If they owe you $50, they need to do the same, drink.

If you are sent to Railroad, drink the amount of railroads that particular player owns.

So, these were some basic rules for the drinking version of this game. You can add some of your own variations too. The last man standing will obviously be the winner.
When the game finally ends (if everyone hasn't passed out by then), you would have found your old love. You can make up your own rules too. Play it whenever you get a chance to, alcoholic or non-alcoholic version, because board games are fun!