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How to Plan a Movie Night with Friends

Rujuta Borkar
But you've never done it before and you need to know exactly how it's done so you don't leave out anything. In the following story we will take you through the tactics of how to plan the perfect movie night.
Nothing spells more fun than a movie night with friends. Just for getting together and spending all that time having fun is reason enough to want to plan a movie night.
You tell me what is more fun than gathering all your friends and doing a movie night together? Really. Isn't it the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon or a rainy day or a weekend even? Think about it. And movies? Hardly anyone who does not like movies out there, you know?
So it's a clear winner all the way. So you've zeroed in on the plan of calling everyone over for a night of movies. But that's not where it ends, in fact that is only just where it begins. There are several things that need to be planned for that movie night to be successful.
To help you with just that then, this article follows. It'll tell you exactly how to throw a movie night party and what are the things that you need to look into when planning the perfect movie night. Get that note pad out and take some notes on how to plan a movie night with friends.

How to Plan a Movie Night at Home

Planning for a movie night at home is quite simple once you get certain things in order. All you have to do then is follow them step by step and tada! An awesome night awaits. Let's get to those instructions then.

What's the Plan?

The very first thing that you need to do when planning for a movie night is to? Get an estimate of the number of people coming over. That will help you plan your entire evening/night to perfection. Next of course is the date and timing of the movie.
You can go about this in two ways - One, get in touch with everyone and ask for their convenience, or two, fix a date and time and then just inform them about it.
Plan number one will have you planning a lot more and is often cumbersome because you'll most often have to change and re-change the plan to suit everyone's convenience; and even after that, there will be a few last minute changes.
So the smarter thing to do is take a general consensus and draw up the plan. Of course, if there are only a number of people attending, then planning for the same becomes a lot easier.

Movie Marathon or What?

Are you going with a single movie or a movie marathon? That is what you need to decide. It is a general rule that many people walk in late and the movie has already started. So it's always a good idea to start off with a popular movie that many have seen, is still a good choice, and yet it's not like the crowd is missing out on anything much.
Then comes the most important choice of the evening - The movie(s) to choose. If the group hasn't already reached a consensus about the movie to watch then the smartest thing to do is get a couple of movies from different genres and take a pick on the spot.
Always remember to keep several options ready. People generally love watching comedies, or if it's a same-sex group, then films that appeal to them as a group is a great way to go about choosing a movie for the night.

Chairs and Couches

Where are you going to get them all to sit? Again, depends on the number of people coming over. Make sure that you have the necessary arrangements made for accommodating everyone and that the seats are comfortable. Provide for bedding or pillows and additions like that to make it a comfortable experience.

Lots and Lots of Food

For what fun is movie viewing without food? A very, very bland experience. Stock up on special movie foods like popcorn, pizzas, sodas, chips and snacks. Have a continuous supply through the course of the movie.

Sleepover or More

Sometimes, but not always, a late movie night turns into a sleepover for some. Be prepared for a last minute plan like that and make sure that you've made arrangements for the same. If that is not the case then you can just bid your friends a goodbye with promises of a movie night sometime soon.
Like I said, a movie night at home with friends is not that tough a deal to plan. It just needs some factors to be kept in mind and then a simple going with the flow will suffice. The company of friends and an awesome movie - laughter and entertainment. What more would one want? I can't think of anything...and you?