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How To Plan A Child's Birthday Party At Home

Mrunal Belvalkar Feb 11, 2020
Children's birthday parties can be an occasion of fun, happiness and cheer. But the planning part of a birthday party can break your back and leave you feeling 'all stressed out and no one to choke' even before the guests have arrived! So how do you go about making it a success? Read on to find some easy tips!
Tracy was sitting quietly in a corner of the room. She could see kids jumping up and down on the sofa set. There were pieces of broken glassware lying on the floor. Scraps of food were luxuriously scattered on the dining table. There was colorful paper lying in places she had never imagined it would ever be!
And the pretty pink princess dress she had picked up for her daughter as a birthday gift, and that had cost her a fortune, was no more pretty, pink, or a princess dress. Tracy's husband Mark walked into the room and right up to Tracy. He looked at her and said, "I can't find my phone. Do you know where it is?"

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Tracy sighed a long, tired sigh and replied - "You know what? I don't even care anymore!" Now - imagine being Tracy... Not a very nice picture, huh?

Everybody loves going to a party, especially a birthday party. But planning a birthday party for your child can give you a tough time, especially if you are going to have a party at home! 
So many kids running around your house can be a scary thought, and cleaning up after the party, a scarier one! So how should you go about planning your child's birthday party? Hear are some easy to follow steps.

Planning a Child's Birthday at Home

Divide the Work

There are lot of things that need to be arranged for while hosting a birthday party at home - invitations, decorations, food, games, favors and a lot more. Also if you plan to have a theme party, all the above should complement and reflect the theme of the party. So start by categorizing different tasks under different headings or departments.
Call up your relatives and/or friends and ask them if they know anyone who specializes in any of the tasks - like a store that offers a variety of decoration items, or a store that offers attractive and colorful invitation cards, etc. Remember, the key here is to tap on all your resources!
If you can, get your relatives and friends to actually help you out with some of the tasks. (Don't forget to appreciate their gesture, probably by giving them a gift!)

Market Survey

Your child's birthday party is a very special occasion for you, and you want everything to be perfect. The key here is to know the market - who has what to offer, and who is best of the lot. There may be a dozen stores that have favors that would suit the theme of your birthday party.
But there will always be that one shop where you will find the perfect birthday party favor. If it is really that good, it may seem like the favor was almost made for you, and to make your party a success!

Make Your Guests Feel At Home

It is very important that your guests feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome when they come to attend you child's birthday party. This feeling can be imbibed into your guests right from the first point of contact - the invitation card. However, the party should also reflect the warmth in your invitation card!
Do not have a structured sequence of events that dictate the party - first this, then that, and later that. Your guests - the parents and the children - should not feel like they are attending a day-camp! Leave some time for the parents and the children to interact among themselves.
There are several ways in which you can jazz up the entertainment quotient of a birthday party! One fool-proof way is to have some fun birthday party games. Include at least a few games or fun activities that would help your child strengthen his/her friendship with his/her friends!
You can even include some games that need partners, or some team games. And of course, you can have a game for the parents as well!

Indoor vs Outdoor

If your house has a nice garden with ample space for all the arrangements to be made, then going for an outdoor party can be a good option. Organizing an outdoor party has several benefits; first and foremost, it keeps your house clean! You do not have to worry about food or drinks being spilled on your favorite linen.
You also do not have to take efforts to keep the children away from electrical appliances. Remember all the lazy Sunday afternoons you spent in your garden, with the birds chirping and the butterflies kissing your nose while you just enjoyed the weather... What a joy if your guests are invited to share the experience!!
All the pretty flowers and lovely plants and trees around are sure to make your guests feel refreshed and happy!

As long as there are parties, there will be one golden rule - everybody must have fun! It may seem like an obvious remark, but it is an absolutely important one!
You may have sent out the most creative invite, you may have got the most colorful decorations, you may have arranged for the best food, and you may have the most unique favors to give your guests; but if you are too tired to entertain your guests, or if you are too busy , they are going to feel out of the place in your house!
Always think how you would feel if you came as a guest to your own party, and go by your instinctive responses.

Happy planning!