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How to Plan a Perfect Networking Party

Mia Morales Sep 22, 2019
No matter what size a business is, networking is essential for growth and stability. Networking with people from other companies who do what you do or provide a service of interest is imperative to strengthen your business. There are a number of ways you can network, but perhaps the best way is to plan a networking party.

Guest List

Think ahead about who you plan to invite to the party. If you are new to hosting a networking party, you may want to keep things small at first. This will enable you meet everyone and have a one on one conversations. Once you are more familiar with the hosting responsibilities you can invite more people if you so desire.


You will want to begin looking for a space to have the party. Perform a search on the internet for meeting rooms near me to find spaces available to accommodate your event. These can be meeting rooms in hotels or any other space that is available and big enough. Often hotels will have meeting rooms and will offer the room for free making your party cheaper.


It is important to have your guests RSVP. This will significantly help you in the planning process. Guest RSVP's can help you determine room size that you need, food and beverage options if being offered and other elements. Having an accurate headcount means keeping costs down by preventing your from overspending.


Be clear from the beginning about the purpose, or theme, of your networking event. Decide if you are inviting guests with the same interests, or if maybe you are hosting the party to make friends. Networking can happen for any number of reasons. Making sure that your party has a focus is essential so your guest know what they are there for.


Another thing you will want to decide is whether or not to have a co-host. Although a co-host is not essential, it could help you ensure your party goes smoothly and help not put all the financial burden of hosting such an event on you. Regardless of if you opt for a co-host or not, you should definitely make sure that you designate anchors.


Anchors are people that you choose who are strong listeners and have no issues connecting with people. These people should be responsible for approaching people who are standoffish and not as social. After all, a networking event is made for people to communicate and meet one another.
Networking is essential for developing relationships between people. It provides the resources necessary for strength and growth for any personal or business relationship. Follow these tips and your next networking party is sure to be a success!