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How to Make Easy Homemade Birthday Cards

Tulika Nair Feb 27, 2020
Do you want to learn how to make easy homemade birthday cards? Well, you have come to the right place, as we tell you how easy it is to make cards at home.
Birthdays are very special occasions and it definitely has nothing to do with how old you are. Receiving a gift and a card for your birthday can make you feel extremely special, especially if you get a card that has been handmade by someone. While it is easy to take a trip to the local gift shop and buy a card, a homemade card is a lot more special.

Making Birthday Cards

A person receiving homemade birthday cards is always very happy to see the effort and thought that has gone into making these cards for him. Even if you are not the most creative person on the planet, you can easily make a birthday card at home.
Just ensure that you have all the things that you need to make birthday cards which include stock paper, felt pens, fine point markers, scissors, glue, and embellishments.
♦ While making homemade birthday cards, the first thing to do is to pick a theme for the card. Are you aiming to be humorous, sentimental, emotional, or is it a tinge of nostalgia that you are hoping for? This is the question that you need to answer before you make the card.
♦ The next thing to decide is the look of the card. Here, we have given you a few ideas that you can choose from before making the card. Decide on the colors that you want to use, and also the images that are going to ornament your card.
♦ An important thing that many people miss out till the very last minute is deciding on a saying for the card. This of course is dependent on the theme of the card. So with a humorous card, you can opt for a funny message but with an emotional card, you will look for something more thoughtful.
♦ Decorating the card well is something that is very important to improve the look of the card. You can choose to use embellishments like feathers, sequins, glitter etc.

Types of Easy Homemade Birthday Cards

There are many different types of homemade cards that you can make. Given here are some of the simple ideas that you can try out if you are making cards at home.

Giant Cards

These are probably the easiest cards to make. Take a full length chart paper and fold it to create a card like structure. Now use the instructions given here to create a card that you want. An idea you can use with such a card is to stick tiny miniature cards on the inside of the giant card. This will only make the recipient feel more special.

Pop-up Cards

Who does not like to receive pop-up cards? To open a card and have a surprise waiting for you can make most people very happy.
While it can seem like making pop-up cards is a huge task, you could not be further away from the truth. A piece of spring or a sponge stuck to the back of the folded pop-up figure and then stuck to the center of the card should do the trick easily.

Shape Cards

We are all used to receiving cards that are shaped in the normal rectangular fashion. Play around with the shape of the cards. This can be a lot of fun.
From round cards, to square cards, to pentagonal cards, there is no end to the creativity that you can employ to create fun homemade birthday cards in different shapes and sizes.

Unique Cards

You do not want to go the normal way when it comes to making a birthday card for your special one. Create a card that is truly unique. Make a card that can be rolled up like an antique scroll or slip your card in the form of a note into a wine bottle.
You can also make a wine glass the canvas for your birthday wishes. With such cards the sky is the limit for your creativity.
So, now you know how to make homemade cards and are also privy to different ideas that you can use if you want to learn how to make easy homemade birthday cards. Have fun and explore your creative ability.