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How to Make a 40th Birthday Card

Tulika Nair Feb 23, 2020
Birthdays, whether your 16th birthday or your 40th one, are equally special. Giving someone cards that you have made on your own can only make it more special for them.
Making a card at home can be one of the most thoughtful ways of wishing someone on their 40th birthday. You do not have to be very creative in order to make a card that is beautiful and touching (or hilarious).
All you need are some good ideas and some basic material to make a card that truly reflects what you feel for the other person, and you are sure to make a person very happy. Here, we will give you simple instructions that help you make birthday cards for a 40th birthday.

Making Birthday Cards

Even if creativity is not your forte, it can be extremely easy for you to make a birthday card for someone's 40th birthday. Making birthday cards is an extremely simple task, as long as you have the necessary materials. Given here is a list of things that you will need in order to make a birthday card.
♦ Stock paper for card
♦ Marker, fine point
♦ Scissors
♦ Craft glue
♦ Glue stick
♦ Felt pens
Once you have the requisite materials, you can make your birthday card in no time, by just following the steps given here.

♦ Firstly it is important for you to pick the theme of the card. From humorous, to nostalgia, to sentimental, and even inspirational. Decide on the theme based on what works well for the person you are giving the card to.
♦ Next, decide what you want the card to look like. Decide on the color palette that you want to use and the shape that you want for the card. From the normal rectangular shaped card to cards shaped like a square to even oval cards, you can choose any shape that you want. You can also choose all the colors that you would want to use on the card.
♦ Now decide on the sayings that you want on the card. This will depend on the theme of the card and also the sense of humor of the person you are giving the card to. If the person is already depressed about turning 40, then do not send them a card that is funny and says something like, It's all downhill from here. The humor will not be appreciated.
♦ Ensure that you decorate the card well. Use embellishments if you want. You can also choose to give the card to the recipient in a unique way, which adds to the beauty of the card.

Ideas for 40th Birthday Card

Now that you know what the simple steps involved in making a birthday card are, you can choose from the card making ideas given here to make a 40th birthday card for someone. Whether you want to give them a sentimental card or a humorous one, your card should be able to express your feelings for them.

Reliving the Years

A great idea for a 40th birthday card is to recreate images of important years for them on the card.
Make copies of photographs, cut them out and create a collage of all the important, happy moments of their life. This could be then given to the birthday boy or girl as a huge birthday card that they are sure to treasure.

A Note a Day

Not exactly a card, but this could be a prelude to the final card that you give the person on their birthday. Start giving the person tiny notes that greet or wish them in some way 40 days before the final day. Make copies of each note that you give. On the 40th day, give him (or her) a huge card that has all the 40 wishes stuck on it.

Fine Aging

Another card idea that you can use to make a 40th birthday card would be to write your wishes on a scroll. Roll up the scroll and put the same into a wine bottle that has some significance for the person whose birthday it is. Cork the bottle before you give this unique card to the person in question.

The Reasons Why...

Everyone likes to know that there are people around them who love them and adore them. Also it is always nice to know why you are appreciated as much as you are. Give the birthday boy or girl a card that gives them 40 reasons why they are special to you. There is no way that the person will not appreciate this birthday wish.
These ideas are just some of the many unique ones that you can make use of. If this person is someone you are very close to, then you know what they would appreciate the most. Make them a card that they will truly treasure.