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Awesome Homemade Party Decorations

Uttara Manohar
Homemade party decoration is the latest rage in the decoration arena! With all the stay-at-home-moms getting in touch with their 'crafty' selves, there are some fabulous ideas floating around to decorate your party, without spending a fortune.
So you've planned a party, and you're excited. You think of a feasible date, draw up a guest list, decide a menu, and you're done. Parties are all about being together with friends and family, sharing laughs and creating wonderful memories.
A memorable party, by all means, is the one that has welcoming ambience, delicious food, good music and the last but not the least; the cozy conversations!

Why Homemade Decorations?

Jazz up your party with homemade decorations and your guests will cherish it for life! Decorations made at home add a personal touch to the ambience, and truly spell 'W-e-l-c-o-m-e'.
Creating decorations can make some people yawn, but, they add an extra bit of warmth to your party. If you think of them as expensive add-ons, you're wrong, as there are tons of decoration ideas that requires comparitively lesser money.

Zero in on a Theme

To begin with, decide what kind of decoration you want. If this is your first time, refrain from being adventurous. If you're blessed with an eye for detail and possess nimble fingers, you could go all out and unleash your creative side.
Keep in mind the reason you're throwing a party for and the people on your guest list. For example, a Titanic-themed graduation party doesn't really make sense, Does it?
~ Season-themed
~ Prince/Princess
~ Retro
~ Carnival
~ Nautical
~ Western
~ Disco
~ Rock n Roll
~ Costume
~ Pirate
~ Pool Party
~ Sports
~ Hollywood
~ Patriotic
~ Masquerade

Decorate the Venue

Stream and Fan Away!

You could use colored papers or leftover wrapping papers to make some streamers at home. Just cut papers into bit-sized pieces of different shapes. String them up in a thread, and you have colorful streamers made out things lying in your home.
Making colorful paper fans is really easy, and you can paste them on the walls or pin them on curtains for a simple but elegant look. You jazz them up by drawing designs on them with glitter pens or glow paint.

Glow-in-the-dark Decorations

Glow-in-the-dark decorations look fantastic and are so easy to execute. You need to bring home glow paints in various colors and use them to paint motifs on paper and tape them on your walls and ceiling. Turn the lights off and enjoy the quirky effect.
Fairy lights are gorgeous, and they lift the look of the room in a jiffy. Use them on windows, line them up on door frames, wrap them around vases and see your room light up!

Shell it Up!

If you're into collecting seashells, put them to use at a beach-themed party. String up rows of tiny shells to make streamers or curtains, and put the bigger ones on display. You could similarly use small Christmas tree ornaments to introduce the same effect.

Light up with Lanterns

~ Paper lanterns are easy to make and give an intimate look to any party.
~ Take colored paper and fold it lengthwise.
~ Cut the paper from the side of the fold, stopping about an inch away from the opposite end.
~ Keep the cuts a couple of centimeters apart.
~ Once you reach the end of the paper, open the fold and roll it up so that the ends meet.
~ Glue the ends, and stick a thread on top to make a handle. Your basic paper lantern is ready.

Go Floral!

Use fresh flowers from your garden for some snazzy floral decor.
For paper flowers:
  • Take a long strip of colored paper and roll it in concentric circles.
  • Pull each layer slightly inward, to mimic the shape of petals.
  • Glue the inner and outer ends.
  • Pierce it in the middle with a wire mesh wrapped in green paper for the stem.
  • Or string up these flowers to make streamers.
Experiment with textured paper of various colors.

On to the Centerpiece

Candles and Votives

When there's a party, you've got to have a 'pièce de résistance' for sure. It could be a centerpiece on your table, or a mini sculpture in the room, if you're artistic enough.
Candles are cliched, but you could pour colored candle wax into martini glasses to make them look enticing and place them all over your home for that warm effect.

Carveceous and Delicious!

If you're good at fruit or vegetable carving, use watermelons, pumpkins, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. If baking is your forte, use cup cakes for gorgeous, edible showpieces. Have the icing in various colors or as per the party theme.
Place the cakes on a cake stand in the center of your table or leave them on plates so that your guests can help themselves.

Yummylicious Centerpiece

Glass bowls filled with colorful popsicles are very appropriate centerpieces for any kids' party. For the adults, add a shot of flavored vodka to the popsicle drink mix before you freeze it. Layer the bowl with crushed ice so that they don't melt.
A great idea for a kids' party is to have candy jars placed around the room. They look fabulous and will be a big hit.

Drink and Dance!

College parties are all about dancing and merriment, so loud music and booze take over the décor. However, placing champagne glasses in rows on the table or beer bottles in ice buckets makes the guests happy and looks decorative too.
Homemade party decorations delight the guests as they are more original and creative than the decorations in stores.
So the next time you're planning a party, get your family together to make some interesting party decorations and indulge in some quality family time!