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Ultimate Homemade Carnival Games

Tulika Nair Feb 16, 2020
If you like carnivals and who doesn't, you would love to make carnival games so that you can throw your own carnival party whenever you want.
All of us have great memories of carnivals. The fun, the games, the rides, the music; everything contributes to the atmosphere of a carnival. What could be a better idea than to relive these moments by hosting a carnival party. There are many carnival party ideas that you can use to host a party that will be a huge success.
The key to a good carnival is having fun games. But how do you come up with carnival games? Here we will give you all the information you need.
If you have been breaking your head trying to come up with homemade carnival game ideas, then your search ends here. Given here are some easy instructions to make carnival games. These are some of the most popular games at most fairs and fetes.

Bouncing Balls

This is one of the fun games for kids to play and an extremely easy game to set up. All you need is an artist's easel and a laundry basket.
The aim of the game is to try to land the ball in the laundry basket but the catch is that it has to bounce of the center of the easel stand and then land in the basket. This is a game that can be a lot of fun.

Burst the Balloon

This is one of those games that will take the least time in terms of preparation. Make several chits of paper with the prizes written on these chits. Now force these chits inside balloons and inflate the same.
Stick these balloons along with empty inflated balloons on a large piece of cardboard and place it at a distance from the edge of the booth. Hand out darts to the players. If they manage to burst balloons with the chits inside, then they win the prize mentioned on the chit.

Through the Target

This is a variation of the bouncing balls game that is described earlier. In this game you need to land the ball in the laundry basket through a target. Buy ply for this game at the art supply store and draw a target on it.
One of the fun ideas is to design and paint the target in the shape of an animal with its mouth open. Let the mouth be the target through which the player needs to throw the ball to land in the basket.

Rev up the Engines

One of the most popular carnival party games, it is one of the easiest ones that you can work on. The only thing that you will need to make is the race track. Just take a piece of ply and paint the racing track on it. Alternatively, you can draw the racing tracks on a large piece of paper and then stick this on the plywood.
An image of how the racing track should look is given here. A racing game can have as many as six players for one game. Use toy cars as the playing pieces and place each of the cars on one lane.

1 T
2 H
3 E
4 E
5 N
6 D
The rest of the game is played like any other die game with the person running the game throwing the die to see how many spaces a player can move. The person whose car reaches the end first wins the game.

Guess the Number

One of the popular and easy-to-make carnival games is to fill a jar with marbles or pennies, or even buttons and then asking players or participants to guess the number of objects in the jar. The player closest to the exact number wins the prize.

Nab the Prize

If you are searching for kids carnival party ideas, one of the best game is the hoopla.
The game is simple. Throw the hoop and ring an object to get it as a prize. You can make hoops at home using embroidery rings, or if you want to make the game difficult then use bangles.
These are just some of the popular games that are the mainstay at every carnival. These games can help you set up booths at your neighborhood fair or even be great additions to your child's birthday party. Games such as these only add to the fun and frolic at a party.