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Homemade Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Uttara Manohar
Throwing a birthday bash with all your favorite people? Show them that you appreciate the fact that they came for your party, with these ideas on homemade birthday party favors.
Party favors are a fun addition to any soirée or party that you throw, with so many ideas that you can use when it comes to what to give your attending guests.
The element of creativity comes in when you plan to give homemade party favor since you painstakingly take the time to piece these together for your friends and family.
The suggestions you come across here will have you thrilled at how easy it is to put them together, with ready-made ideas in case you're short on time.

Creative Homemade Party Favor Ideas

Party favors are a great parting gift to give those who took time out to make it for your party. Let's take a look at some homemade birthday party favor ideas that are sure to perk your interest levels.

Homemade Donuts/Macaroons

Scrumptious delights like donuts and macaroons can never be surpassed by anyone. Bake these decadent snacks earlier in the day before the party begins, so that they're fresh and moist.
You can visit a gift shop and buy boxes to have these packed in before giving your guests, using different colored packaging if you'd like. Use ribbon and include a handwritten mini thank you card before handing the favor over.
Simple and easy-to-make, these donuts/macaroons can be sprinkled, glazed, cream-filled or covered in fondant - the choice is yours.
Potpourri Bags
Potpourri is a rich collection of dried petals and leaves, that when dried and mixed with essential oils, can be a real treat for the senses. Whether it's your drawing-room or bedroom, the smells will bring calm and freshness to your home.
Buy packets of assorted potpourri which you can easily find in any store that sells home accessories. Separate these into little bundles covered in mini airtight bags, and plop these into material gift bags to retain the potpourri's fragrance. You can drop in a small thank you note inside, or have one dangling from the bag.

Glorious Jam Made from Scratch

Making jam isn't so hard once you know of course what ingredients go into it. Not only is it healthier to make it from at home, but extremely delicious being all-natural and bottled with love.
Make a nice big batch of this and hand the jars out in little bottles complete with a little tag that reads, 'thank you for coming'. From raspberry and blueberry to mango and orange, you can choose from a whole range of juicy fruit to make your jam.
Ready-made Eats
If you haven't got the time to make anything from at home, visit a gift store and buy yourself mini gift boxes or buy tulle material and colorful ribbon and have ready-made treats packed into these.
Pick a batch of assorted candies, muffins, or warm cookies earlier in the day and have these carefully placed within the gift box/tulle bag. It's a monetarily reasonable way of making gift bags by using a bit of material and ribbon to pack it all in. You could also include as a favor milk/liquor chocolate.
These party favors can come in handy when giving them away after birthdays. You can experiment with a whole ton of ideas if you'd like to try something more creative or over-the-top. Just remember to add your own personal touch to the favors to make it as memorable as your party.