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High School Graduation Party Ideas

Charlie S
The time has come to bid farewell to those fond memories of school, and enter a brand new world of college. This is certainly your child's great day, a day when he can proudly show off his achievements. It is a day that calls for a celebration with family and friends.
One of the most cherished moments of our lives is the day of graduation. It is a defining moment not just for the young graduate but for you as a parent as well, to show how proud you are of him/her. It is indeed the day your child learns to spread his/her wings and aim for the sky.
Besides, it is a perfect occasion to give them a sneak preview as to what awaits them in college. In every essence you will be celebrating their entry into the adult world and not just their passing out of school.
If you go with the words of Mark Twain, it is the time to "Explore. Dream. Discover." Here are my top three ideas to make this day special and memorable for the young graduate.

Graduation Party Ideas

Seasons in the Sun

Speaking of seasons in the sun, it is a walk down memory lane.
The idea behind this, is to take them down memory lane one last time before they actually spread their wings and get ahead in life. Make it a celebration encompassing all the special moments of their school career. Better put, it would be the final adiĆ³s to school life.
The Invite: Blackboard cutouts will make the invitation cards fun. To make it special, you could personally write the words with a wet piece of chalk.

Decoration: Keeping in mind the main idea of the party, you can go ahead and decorate the lawn with things that are used in a school.
Use a soft board to display certificates and photographs spanning the entire school life. Use a blackboard at the entrance to guide the guests to the venue. You can also use a blackboard as a message board and keep a box of colored chalks for your guests to leave a message for the young graduate.
To add to the fun, you could make a cardboard cutout of a school bus. Remember to add details with items like a school bell, teacher's desk, may be a globe and yes, a few of your child's projects, and not to forget exam boards.

Food Layout: Now that your theme is school days, you can choose to keep packed luncheons.
You can wrap burgers, hot dogs, and sub sandwiches in aluminum foil or even in brown lunch bags. Then there are cookies and chocolate rolls which can be made to resemble badges and medals. Another good idea is to get cookies/cup cakes in the shape of graduation hats. Do not forget to keep bowls of candy bars and lollipops on each table.
Favors: You can make bookmarks in the shape of graduation hats or even in the shape of a school bus.

Attire: In keeping with the central idea of the party ask your guests to dress up as kids fresh out of school.

Set Sail

Away with the past and into the bright future is what this idea is all about. Your young graduate is about to enter unknown waters, and what better way to welcome it in style than to organize a nautical-themed party.
We do not suggest you to hire a yacht for the event (which is indeed a good idea) however, we would say bring the water home to your own backyard. Wondering how? Well, it's mighty simple, just get cardboard cutouts and you have a perfect deck ready to set sail.
The Invite: Anchor's, the word! Create the invites on an anchor or even sailboat cutouts, this way the entire theme would be incorporated. The best bet is to get a simple white card with a red and blue border, thus incorporating the naval theme.
Decoration: Using blue satin cloth you can create a replica of waves that will cover the hedges and shrubs lining your backyard. You can even use gelatin/photographic paper to line the walls if it is an indoor event. Make a huge boat replica using cardboard/Styrofoam paper. Use nautical flags, anchors, life jackets, and oars to decorate the lawn area.
Try to hire a canoe or inflatable boat for a day, it will add to the excitement of the party. Place small sailboat cutouts or use mini sailboats/yachts and even mini lighthouses as candle holders on each table. Do not forget to include a telescope, a compass, and a helm to the decor. Complete the decoration with anchor oil/electric lamps.
And yeah, fishing nets can be used to display pictures and medals of your child. The best part with this theme is that you get to use three colors - red, blue, and white.

Food Layout: In keeping with the theme, you can place seafood on a table decorated with red, white, and blue tablecloth.
How about using a treasure box to hold the food? Do not forget to include an ice sculpture of a mermaid or even sea creatures. Pizza slices, fish fillets, shrimp cocktails and other food items can be served with skewers on which you can stick sailboat cutouts. Serve the drink in a large conch-shaped bowl, or simply use a large bowl.
You can even serve food in fish or seashell-shaped platters.

Favors: Picture frames in the shape of anchors or helms make a perfect party favor. You can also give mini treasure kits or sailboat tea lights.

Attire: Ask your guests to come dressed as pirates, sailors, captains complete with the hat and accessories.

Viva la Carnival

Think of a carnival. Doesn't it bring to mind vivid colors, and a life gurgling with joy. That's exactly how your child's life is going to be in college.
That's one reason we suggest you to wish him the best in life through these vivid colors. Quite an extravaganza I must say, but it is going to be well worth the effort.
The Invite: To make the invites use flattened popcorn boxes. You can also use carnival tickets/passes to make the invite.

Decoration: Balloons, banners, festoons, pennants, colorful tents are the norm that you'd have to abide with. Cover the entire lawn with string lights and lanterns.
You could place a carnival ticket booth at the entrance to make it look authentic. Try bringing in a few games to add to the fun and excitement. A good idea is to place a few mirrors around so that it reflects the colors. Place a few life-size cutouts of clowns and magicians.
Yard signs are another good way to direct your guests to the food counters and games that you have planned. Greeting your guests with a colorful stamp on their wrists is a nice way to begin the fun. Use colorful tablecloths, ribbons, and cutlery to make the party sizzle.
Food Layout: Think carnival, and what do you see? Food carts and stalls lining the street. A colorful array of food is what you would have to arrange. If not stalls, try to set up colorful tents in which the guests will find their favorite carnival food like popcorn, candy floss, hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzels, etc.
Stock up on extra onion rings, pickles, and beverages to get the carnival started. Try to get slush dispensers to add to the fun. Remember to keep loads of colorful lollipops and candy sticks around for the guests to enjoy.
Favors: Organize games with assured prizes for your guests to take home. You wouldn't need an additional favor then.

Attire: Bright and colorful clothing will do just fine for a carnival-theme party.
There is no one who knows your young graduate better than you, hence, you will be the best at deciding on a party idea that goes with the personal style and preference of the individual. You can come up with loads of ideas that will make it a special occasion for your child. That's all for now, get the party started.