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Hawaiian Theme Party

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 29, 2020
Hawaiian theme party is the easiest to arrange. Here's how to get started for the most rocking party ever!
Sand, surf, and soaking up the sun. The perfect party ingredients! The Hawaiian party is not a difficult one to plan. All you need is an exact list of supplies and you are ready to be the rider of the waves. Such a party not only calls for breezy decorations, but for beach games, food and clothes, according to your theme. If you can't get to the beach, then a big (Olympic size) pool is good enough to serve the purpose. So, let's get started to create the magic of the Hawaiian mood for a great party!

Party Decorations

For the ones partying at the beach, tie up a few hammocks for people to crash. For the seating, sand mounds are good enough. Don't forget to mark a boundary area of your party to keep the crowd together at the end of it. Now if you are having a party by the pool, cut out a few cardboard palm trees or rent them.
Bring some sand and create a sand turf, which can be your dance floor. Have a few relaxing chairs by the pool for people to sit. Lastly, don't forget to put up shades if it's a day party.

Party Food

Seafood! A Hawaiian theme party has to have seafood and everything that's related to Hawaiian cuisine. Colorful vibrant cocktails and mocktails in coconuts would be ideal. Lots of fruit drinks, smoothies, exotic caviar, grilled lobster, sushi, and prawns must dominate the Hawaiian scene. Since it is a party, have a lot more starters as compared to the main course.

Party Clothes

Ah! Clothes are the favorite part of any party. They add character and make the party come alive. Women can dress in long sarongs of aquamarine colors, matched well with tube and spaghetti tops. A flower tucked behind the ear is all that it would take to make the women at the party look typically Hawaiian.
Flip flops or comfortable crocs are the kind of footwear women can wear for a Hawaiian extravaganza. Men can dress in airy shorts, khakis, chinos and other light materials.
Loosely fitting shirts with floral prints or no prints at all will suit a Hawaiian themed party perfectly. Men cannot experiment with footwear much, so floaters or flip flops are their only options.

Party Games

A party without games is a strict no. You need to have a list of exhilarating party games to get the crowd grooving. The 'limbo', which uses a stick is a great game. As the music starts playing, each member tries to pass under the stick held at the certain height.
After each round the stick is lowered till it reaches the ground! Another brilliant game is 'paper dance'. Guests are coupled up and given a paper. As the music starts, the couple starts dancing on the paper.
Every time the music stops, the paper has to be folded into half, until only one person can stand and dance. Wonder what happens to the other one! The next game is the evergreen treasure hunt. No explanation needed here!
Make sure that you invite everybody well in advance with an RSVP option to know the exact headcount. Send party invitations with shells on them. Do mention the dress code in the party invitations. Now, all you have to do is get ready for the best party ever. Have fun!