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Marvelous Graduation Party Ideas

Buzzle Staff
Graduation parties are fun, a moment to enjoy, an occasion to celebrate the success! Here are a few graduation party ideas which can make your day most memorable and cherished one!
It is a natural tendency of humans to come together and celebrate joyous events in their life. Weddings, birthdays, festivals are some great moments to enjoy with your friends and family. An event such as graduation demands even more fanfare as it paves way for a brighter future for the concerned individual.
In western countries where there is a high regard for education, graduation parties are fairly typical. Graduation is one of the penultimate achievements in one's life, having gone through all those sleepless nights, mind-shaking essays, and brain-draining exams.
It also marks a significant transition, either from a happy-go-lucky high school life to a more serious and challenging college life, or from academic erudition to corporate competition. Journeying through such a momentary evolution in one's manner is not one of the easiest tasks to imagine.
It is just natural to celebrate the feat and savor a student's graduation. Rewarding a student for such a marvelous achievement not only renders a feeling for appreciation but also a motivation to go further and confront the next chapter in one's life.
If you happen to be the happy graduate intending to celebrate your success with your peers, read on. You can also find the tips mentioned here helpful if you are planning it for your child or a sibling. So, let us see what are some exciting ideas for a graduation party.


A theme helps you to bring a consistency in the entire event. Choose a theme that is apt for the occasion as well as hit amongst youngsters. A 'Twilight' theme could be a great idea as youngsters can dress up as vampires and yet look gorgeous.
You can also go for a High School Musical theme or Archie comic theme for a high school graduation party. Sports themes are also quite popular amongst high school and college students.


The invitations should be exciting enough, as they are the first glimpse of the event. Take efforts to make creative invitation cards for your friends. Instead of buying them in bulk, use your imagination to come up with unique invitations for the party.
You can make the invites to look like a rolled graduation diploma with similar font. Mention the theme of the party, dress code, date, venue and other essential details in clear and unambiguous language.


Heavy decorations that scream 'SUCCESS' are a must for a graduation party. Make large photocopies of your graduation diploma and hang it on the walls. Confetti, balloons are also a must at graduation parties.
You can also make a collage of your photos from school years through the college, depicting special achievements. You can even make a small documentary film showing some special moments with your friends during school or college days. You can also erect a small stage to felicitate the graduates.


Make sure you plan for some engaging and exciting activities for your young friends. A foot-tapping music and a dance-floor is a must for such parties.
You can hire some professional performers such as singers, dancers, jugglers, belly-dancers, magicians. However, make it a point to check the credibility of these professionals beforehand. Plan for some fun activities like T-shirt painting, writing messages on T-shirts or boards etc.


Games are a great icebreaker and can totally kill the boredom from any party. Some of the party games include 'celebrity couples', in which you paste the names of the famous celebrity couples on the guests' back. The other guests enact the celebrities for the couple to guess. You can alter this game by writing your teachers' names and then mimicking them.

Food and Drinks

A good food is a must for any party to become a hit. Arrange for several dishes of finger foods such as nachos, tortilla wraps, baked veggies, pizza and so on. The food should be filling and easy to eat.
Cold cut sandwiches, grilled chicken are some good items on party menu. Stock up on bottles of soft-drinks, soda or champagne (if the attendees are over 21 years of age). Make sure your menu has something equally appealing to vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.
Do not forget to give a return gift to every guest along with a personal note thanking them for their presence as well as good wishes.
If you cannot afford the expenses for the entire party, you can ask a couple of other graduates to join you. Instead of each of you throwing a separate party you can combine your finances and have one helluva bash.