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Graduation Party Games

Aastha Dogra Feb 13, 2020
Looking for some fun, interesting, and creative games to include in your graduation party? Read the following piece for five amazing ideas which are sure to bring excitement to your party.
So, you have graduated now, and to celebrate the occasion with your friends and family you have planned a party. Usually all graduation parties are the same, with people sending out invitations to their close ones, and guests dropping in on the day to congratulate, eat cake, and leave a gift, before saying bye.
If you want to make your party slightly different from these regular run-of-the-mill affairs, then PartyJoys brings to you, a few interesting game ideas to make your party a memorable one.

» Dance Partners

Play this game to get everyone to the dance floor. Start the music and have one couple come and dance on the dance floor. After a few minutes, stop the music and ask the couple to choose new dance partners from the audience.
Once they do that, again play the music. Continue this game till you have each and every guest on the dance floor. This game will serve as an excellent ice breaker.

» Ice Cream Eaters

To play this, give each of the participants a small cup of ice cream to eat. The catch is that the participants must eat all the ice cream in the cup with their mouths, without using their hands or fingers. The one who is able to finish his ice cream first, is the winner.

» Self Portraits

Here, set up a corner where papers, crayons, pencils, pens, and plain sheets of paper are placed. Each guest has to make their own picture, decorate it the way they want to. They have to write their names below their pictures and are stuck to a board.
Click a photo of this board and distribute copies of it among the guests. Also, at the end of the party, let the guests carry their own pictures with them, so that they have something to remind themselves of this event.

» Memory Game

This game is the easiest to play as it requires no supplies, all it takes is good memory. Start playing by saying something like, "I like going to parties and always carry a bottle of wine along".
The person sitting next has to repeat the same sentence and add something of his own. He should say something like, "I like going to parties and always carry a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers along". In this manner, everyone has to pay attention to what the others are saying, and repeat it when it's their turn.

» Pass the Apple

Team games are always a hit as they involve, and engage each and every person present at the party. For playing pass the apple, divide the guests into two teams, and ask them to form two circles. Next, hand over an apple to each of these teams. When you say start, the person who has the apple has to place it between his chin and neck.
He then has to pass on this apple to the person standing next to him in the circle without using his hands. The next person too cannot use his hands, and has to take the apple from him using his chin and neck only. This way apple is passed from one participant to other, till it reaches the person who had it first. The team which finishes first is the winner.
The guests will definitely have a very good time playing these games. So, add life and fun to your party, and create everlasting memories, by including such interesting activities.