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Must-try Graduation Party Food Ideas

Graduation party food ideas need not be very special, but you can serve the regular food items with a little creativity and imagination in the serving part. The thumb rule is to select a simple food menu and enjoy the party, rather than busying yourself in the kitchen.
Celebrate the great experience of becoming a graduate with a festive party. It is a lifetime achievement, which everybody wants to cherish with loved ones. Planning a memorable graduation party is easier said than done. You have to take care of sending invitations with catchy wordings and choosing gift items for the new graduates in your invitee list.
Deciding the party theme, games, music, and decorations is easy compared to selecting the recipes. Create the food menu beforehand, with varieties in cakes, beverages, appetizers, main course, and desserts, consider the number of people invited and select the best alternatives.


Start with mocktails, tasty fruit drinks made without alcohol. You can combine juices of seasonal fruits with plain soda and/or vinegar. Or mix equal amounts of coke and a complementary fruit juice, and serve the drink with ice cream.
For college graduates, you can think of serving root beer. Other alternatives for beverages include iced tea, cold coffee, smoothies, and milkshakes.


Whether you call entrées or appetizers, they make the base of any party food menu. Try something new and avoid the commonly served items like chips, wafers, and cookies.
You can opt for popcorn chicken, nachos, tacos, spring rolls, Mexican sushi, cut sandwiches, veggies, and dips. Finger foods and bite-sized food items are preferable, as your guests will be busy talking amongst themselves, or with other socializing activities.

Main Course

The main course options are endless. Suitable items are casseroles, pizza, meatloaf, smash potatoes, burgers, hotdogs, stir fries, etc.; include vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Include spicy items and hot sauce to spice up the party.


For desserts, you can order a special cake for the graduates. Give a personalized touch by decorating the cake with graduation caps and lucky symbols.
A simple yet fabulous idea is to offer chocolates wrapped with gold foils. You can mark the graduate name and passing year on the foil. In addition, candy bars, ice creams, root beer floats, apple pie, and homemade cheesecakes, all make good dessert options.
Hopefully with this information, you will be able to plan your upcoming party with less hassles on the food serving part. Give the best from your side and a successful party for welcoming fresh graduates is almost guaranteed.