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Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Sujata Iyer Feb 28, 2020
Liven up your graduation party with the fun and unique graduation party decoration ideas mentioned in this story. They'll leave your class pleasantly surprised and with some fine memories!
Graduation is here and you've been entrusted with the responsibility of making the arrangements for the party decorations. Now, you have two options. You could go with the usual in-and-out-of-the-store party decorations OR you could be a little creative and use some innovative decoration ideas to give your grad party a more personal look and feel. Choose option 2? Well then, this PartyJoys article won't disappoint you. Just check the ideas that we have for your graduation party decorations!

Photo Streamers

No party is complete without streamers. Traditional and cliché though they may seem, there's no denying the amount of festivity they add to the place that they are hung in. Make your class graduation party a little more fun by using the idea mentioned here. You're sure to find everyone's pictures in your school yearbook.
What you can do is scan these pictures and make hard copies of them. Now, you can make a silver star streamer using card paper and sticking silver paper on it or simply applying glitter glue on it. Once the glitter has dried, you can take the pictures of the students and stick them on each star.
Tie all these stars together using a strong string and make a pretty streamer out of it. Below each picture, you can mention the name of the student and write the year of graduation!

Funny Posters

If you want to use pictures in a more creative way, and are sure that everyone in your class will be a sport, then you can do this. Blow up the yearbook pictures of all the students in the class to an A3 size. Stick these pictures on bigger pieces of white or colored paper and make it look like a 'WANTED' poster. Now, here comes the tricky part.
You can write down a quirky quality that each person is known for, below the picture. So, for instance, if someone is extremely popular for her talkative nature, she can be 'wanted... for her never ending talks about everything' or something of that variation.
Do this for all the students' posters and hang them up in the party area! They'll be surprised at what they see and will love it.
*Note that this does not harm the sentiments of any students. It's just for fun!

Balloons with Quotes

Balloons are another necessary decoration at any party. Since it is a graduation party, how about making these balloons a little more meaningful? What you can do is, blow up pink and blue balloons according to the number of students in the class. To be on the safe side, blow up a few extra ones.
Now, as each student enters, hand over a pink balloon to a female student and a blue one to a male student, along with a smooth pen. Ask them to sign and write a message for fellow students and the school that they're all no doubt going to miss. Use these balloon as decorations. You can either hang them up or just scatter them around as floor decorations.

Graduation Hat Lamps

If you have the time, the patience, the resources and the inclination to see this 'project' through to the end, then you simply must do this. Use handmade paper and make some really pretty paper lamps in the shape of graduation hats! Use a color of your choice, it could be the school color or any other color you want.
On the day of the party, you can install the light bulbs into the lamps and have them hung all around the party venue. You can even write the year of graduation on the lamps. They'll look wonderful!
Apart from these decoration ideas, you may also want to go through these graduation centerpiece ideas to learn something new perhaps! Have fun and happy graduation!