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Good Birthday Presents

Medha Godbole Feb 12, 2020
Birthdays are perhaps the most important days of our lives. As we get older, it epitomizes a new beginning. They are great fun with presents, goodies and all the good food. A few gifting options for this special day are given below.
It is a special day for your near and dear ones and you should grab the opportunity to make it even more special for them. You can shower your loved ones with gifts and enjoy your time as well! Go ahead and give your loved ones the perfect gift that they will cherish forever.

Presents for Children

Book Worm

Books are the best gifts that can be given to any kid. And if the kid is an avid reader, you can also subscribe a magazine. Nowadays there are options available like Kindle from Amazon for reading e-books. In case the kid is younger, inculcating this habit of reading from a very young age will improve the overall persona of the kid.

Electric Scooter

Kids love this. Electric scooters give kids the real feel of driving automobiles. As far as safety is concerned, there are no major problems with these. They are also available at affordable prices and in great colors.


Today's kids love gadgets as much the adults do. You can gift gaming consoles, Kindles, audio books, cool clocks, etc. There are even specially designed camcorders available for kids that can be great gifting options. DIY gadget kits are also good gifting options where kids can learn while playing.

Craft Gifts

If your kid is a budding artist, he will surely appreciate your gift. Cool gifts like Sneaker customization kit, flip book kit, embroidery kit, knitting kit, etc., will be useful and at the same time will keep the kid busy.

For the Younger Ones

It can be very difficult to search for a gift for toddlers. Doll houses, cutlery, soft toys, canvas to scribble on, are a few gifting options. Apart from these, some gifts that can be useful are first tooth boxes, blankets, pillows, etc.
Kids love the entire concept of gifts. By taking little bit of effort of choosing the gift, you can make the kid happy.

Presents for Boyfriend

Pep Up the Romance

Gift the man of your dreams something romantic. Something like a bunch of lovely red roses would be a perfect romantic gift. If this is not 'in', you can invite him over for dinner, cook his favorite dishes and you two can have an absolutely romantic candle-light dinner with wine et al. Or you can bake him a cake as well. Shower him with love notes throughout the day.

Brown Delight

Who said guys do not like chocolates? A big fat box of dark chocolates is surely going to make your guy happy! Have an assortment of chocolates to go in a box and don't just dump the box with a single type of chocolate.

Utility Box

If you are confused as to what should be the perfect gift for your boyfriend, then gift him some random useful utilities like mini travel kit, cuff bracelet, Bluetooth GPS navigator, etc. Try and list as many things as you can. Put all these together in a small box, decorate and gift it to him. The gift has variety and is useful at the same time.

Make a Video

Your boyfriend will have friends whom he doesn't meet often. Make a list of all his friends and ask each of them to shoot a small video sharing something special about your guy. Edit them and make a single video. Play it when you are together so that you won't miss the expressions on his face.

Plan a Special Birthday

You can take him to some orphanage, cancer home or old age home. You can set up the entire party there with cake, decoration and of course music. He will surely love to celebrate his birthday at such a place with special people around him.
Apart from the above, here are a few gifts that your boyfriend would love to receive:
  • Watch
  • A visit to the hairstylist
  • Tickets to the latest sport tournament
  • Wine
  • Gadgets
  • Gaming console
  • Sports accessories
  • Subscription to nearby gym
  • Musical Instruments
  • Adventure Gifts

Presents for Girlfriend

Do a Flashback

Girls always have complaints that their boyfriends don't remember important events. Prove her wrong by doing a flashback of your first date. Book the same restaurant, the same table, order the same food, wear the same clothes. Let everything be as it was on that particular day. You can even propose her in the same fashion. She will be surprised by this unique gift, definitely.

Do Something Unusual

The best gift would be to do something unusual. If you both hardly get time to meet, just spend the entire day with your girl. She will appreciate your time more than any other material gifts. Also, if she is the one who does the cooking everyday, go out of your way and cook a special meal.

Make a Film

Don't take her to the normal movie, instead make one for her. You can take help of her friends and pen down a story in the genre she likes. Shoot the entire film with her friends as the cast. Setup the party as a premier event where she is the guest. She will love to watch the film that is specially made for her. But don't make a long film, else she will be irritated by the end of it.

Plan a Surprise Party

Girls love surprises. Plan a surprise party at her dream location. Make arrangements for all the special people in her life to reach the destination on time. Your girl will love the surprise and also will be thrilled to visit her dream location.

Sketch Her

Get a portrait of your girl done by a professional. If you are an artist yourself, make a portrait of hers. There is nothing better than making one yourself. You can place it in some special corner of her house. She will appreciate your idea.
There are random gifting options for your girl:
  • Cosmetics
  • Lingerie
  • Chocolates
  • Framed Photograph of both of you
  • Jewelry
  • Tickets to the famous ongoing concert
  • Collage of all her pictures from the time you met her
  • A visit to the spa
  • Massage kit
  • Goodie bag

Presents for Parents


Make a scrapbook with pictures right from your birth till the latest events in their life. Write some special messages around the pictures. Your parents will treasure this book for their entire life.

Gift Something Useful

You can gift your mother kitchen accessories, household items, etc., that she might be wanting to have since a long time. Similarly, for your father, you can gift a car cleaning kit, gardening kit, etc. Your parents will be happy to get gifts that are useful in their daily life.

Dedicate an Evening

You can do all the chores of the day without letting your mother do any of it. Right from cleaning the house to preparing the dinner, you can give your mother the rest that she deserves. If it is your dad's birthday, take him to a sports bar and let him enjoy his favorite game. You will be surprised to see him transform into a child.

Express it with Words

Write a poem, a song, a letter just to let your parents know how much you love them and appreciate their presence in your life. As it is said, words when written can express feelings better, so this is the best way to show your love.

Let them Relax

Parents are often stressed due to their innumerable responsibilities and hardly get time to relax. You can buy them coupons to the nearest massage center. Else you can gift them massage chairs, so that they can enjoy the massage sitting at home. You can take your mother to the nearby spa and give her a chance to take time out for self grooming. Your parents will love this and will be more relaxed than ever.

Presents for Colleagues

Office Stationery

The best gift idea for colleagues is gifting them office stationery. You can gift them pen holders, desktop gardens, paperweights, pens, small showpieces to decorate their desks, etc. These gifts will be useful to your colleagues.

Office Accessories

Gifting office accessories is also one of the options. You can gift your female colleagues purses, laptop bags, etc., and the male colleagues ties, office bags, visiting card holders, etc. You can also personalize them if the colleague is a good friend of yours, by inscribing his or her name on the gift.

Office Gadgets

There are many customized gadgets for office purposes. Battery Thermokruzhkus mugs, USB drives, buckyballs, keyboard stationery keys, mobile charging stations, etc., are some of the coolest gadgets for office use. Gifting these will surely make your colleagues happier on their special day.

Surprise Them

If your colleagues are old employees of the firm, then you can collectively surprise them by giving them a party in the office. Even the simplest celebration including a cake will be memorable to them. And if done for the new employees, it can serve as icebreakers. This can be a good time for the new employees to get to know their fellow colleagues.

Gift Coupons

If you are confused about the right gifts for your colleagues, presenting them gift coupons will be the best option. Buy gift coupons of any store that is useful to them. They will appreciate the gift and will be able to buy anything that they desire.

Presents for Friends

Say it with a Picture

Pictures say it all. You can gift laminated photographs of some special events like pictures of reunions, parties, etc. You can also write some special messages on the photographs. Your friends will always be reminded of the good time you had together.

Something they Always Wanted

Friends share everything amongst themselves. There might be many things that your friends want to buy but are unable to do so. You can find out the one gift that they really want and gift it to them. You will be glad to see their expressions when they receive the gifts of their choice.


If you are a frequent traveler, you can get something for your friends from the places you visit. You can gift them famous items of those places. Your friends will cherish the souvenirs for their lifetime.

That One Thing

This idea is for friends who were roommates. There are many things that roommates share like clothes, accessories, music collection, etc. Gift them something special from your collection. Your friends will be touched to receive it as gifts.

Indulge in their Favorite Pastime

The best present for your friends will be to spend their entire birthday doing something they love to do. If they like to listen to music, take them to the nearby rock shows. If they like to read, take them to the nearest bookstores and let them stay there for the whole day reading their favorite books. Also, if they love shopping, take them out for shopping. There is nothing better than doing what you love on your special day.
These were a few gifting ideas for the special people in your life. However, apart from these, you can use your imagination to make the day special for them. Any gift of yours will definitely be appreciated, irrespective of the cost and size. As it is rightly quoted,
"A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer"
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca