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Gift Ideas for Dad's 50th Birthday

Sheetal Mandora Feb 12, 2020
Gift ideas for dad's 50th birthday! Sounds pretty exciting, right? So, what are you waiting for? Start reading.
What to get for dad's 50th birthday? I'm sure that every time anyone's birthday is just around the corner, your mind begins to ask this question again and again. More often than not, we get stuck or are puzzled as to what gifts should we get for someone.
Whether it is a family member, close friend, colleague, or someone you've known for a very long time. A birthday is one of the most special days in a person's life and our gifts are a mere reflection of our love and well wishes for them.
And when it's about your dad's 50th birthday, the celebration just became bigger and better. Your dad has been inspiring and a motivating pillar behind you all these years and this year, on this special occasion, you want to make sure that he knows how much he means to you.
Which is why, we have put together some exciting and interesting gift ideas for dad's 50th birthday. Take a look.

Birthday Presents for Dad's 50th Birthday

No matter what gift you select for your dad, make sure that he will be able to use it in someway. Many a time, people get gifts that don't really have a purpose behind it and that just ruins the whole thing. And, if you could come up with some personalized gifts, it would be much better because then, those gifts will be directly from the heart; and that's what will make his birthday extra, extra special.

Family Trip

Not spending enough time with the family is perhaps the most common complaint for many fathers. They spend majority of their time working and then maybe doing some hobby. So for his birthday, you can organize a nice quality family vacation.
It doesn't have to be an extravagant holiday; even a beach or camping weekend would be perfect. Ask everyone in the family to be ready (at the specific dates) and on his birthday, tell him that he has to take time off and go on this holiday with everyone.
Play games, go for a hike, have fun at the beach, or take a road trip; no matter what you do, it's going to be one of the best birthday presents and vacations he's had yet.

50 Special Years

He's just turned 50 and that must be a completely new feeling for him. He's watching his kids grow up in front of him and going to their separate lives. But instead of him feeling sad about it, why not cheer him up with 50 GIFTS.
Yes, for our next gift idea, you can give him a basket filled with 50 different types of gifts. Here, you will require as much help from everyone as possible. Firstly, you need to find 50 different things that your dad loves.
It could be anything like chocolates, opera tickets, music CD, baseball hat, movie DVD, shirt, tie, watch, perfume, shoes, movie tickets, potato chips, coffee beans, etc.; the sky's the limit with this gift idea.
Of course, there's the concern of the budget but that's where everyone else's help comes in. Other family members, friends, neighbors, and even colleagues can help you plan this gift. Doesn't that sound exciting?!

1970s Birthday Bash

Our next gift idea, we suggest a grand birthday bash from the 70s. This is the time when your dad was a teenager, so why not recreate those wonderful days for him. Invite everyone in the family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to the party.

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Follow the 1970s hippie and disco theme, ask everyone to dress accordingly, and to make the party even more fun, play the 70s music - Elvis Presley, The Bee Gees, ABBA, and Kiss. Make it a surprise party for the birthday boy to make the occasion even more successful.

Family DVD

Over the years, you all must've taken countless trips, vacations, and have video footage of some of them. So when you want birthday gift ideas for dad turning 50, make a personalized DVD for him which captures all those wonderful moments with the family. You can even scan old pictures, add a background music, and make a collection of your favorite pictures with dad. If this gift doesn't bring tears in his eyes, I don't know what will.
When you're searching for the best 50th birthday gifts for men, don't forget to put your heart and soul into it. Your dad is one of the most important people in your lives and his birthday is not something you can't celebrate and rejoice about.
So start making a fantastic plan just for him, get any of the gifts mentioned in the article, and give him a grand celebration that he deserves.