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Garden Party Invitations

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 7, 2020
A garden party is always amusing and entertaining. Therefore, you should know how to invite and give a cordial welcome to your guests. For your assistance we have presented you sample templates as well as invitation wordings for different occasions.
Garden party is just the perfect idea for instant fun. You invite your friends and family members for a get together and to enjoy the day in their company. 
Birthday, anniversary, farewell, housewarming, etc are some occasions on which you can host a garden party at your home. Make sure you invite your guests at least a week before so that they can make it to the party.
First make an estimate of the number of people attending the party and then move on with making the invitation cards and templates. 
The words you choose for inviting people must express your eagerness to welcome them for attending the party. You can either design the template yourself or opt for printable versions of invitation cards from online resources. Emphasize on the font style and calligraphy so that everything is in sync with the design of the card as well as the occasion.

Points to Remember

  • Specify whether the invitation is meant for the entire family or a specific member of the family.
  • Mention the purpose of the party precisely in case of formal invitations.
  • You can jot short poems, prose and quotes for informal invitations.
  • Be clear with the time, date, venue, and RSVP.
  • The culminating sentence should be in accordance with the opening lines.
  • Do not make the invitation too long. Include only those points that are necessary.


  • A brand new day is on the way, so let's celebrate it in a special way. Join us on our 1st wedding anniversary party on Friday, January 13, 7 p.m. at 78 Broadway Street, Ithaca, New York.
  • In the honor of the 25th anniversary of Tim and Maria, their children request the pleasure of your company at their garden on February 2, 7:30 p.m. The residential address is 15 Palm Springs, Church Street, North Carolina.
  • Mark and Stella request the pleasure of your company for a barbecue and cocktail party in their garden on Saturday, January 14 to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Our address is: apartment no. 4, Cedar Village, Jacksonville, Florida.


  • Your presence will make my birthday special. I invite you to shower blessings on me on my birthday. A garden party is organized on January 18 at Marlyn's Cottage, 15 Cafe Street, New Jersey.
  • Raise the glass with cheer, it's Tony's 22nd year. To celebrate happiness and laugh your heart out, we welcome you to join us at our garden on February 6, 21 Elm Street, Raleigh.
  • I will be turning one, Mommy and Daddy said, "let's have fun". All of you are invited to bless me on my birthday with candy, cookie and cake. See you on March 6 at our garden. Venue: Rex Residence, 457 Miami Road.


  • Please join us for a garden party honoring Janice Anthony and wishing her all the very best for her new journey. The party is on Saturday 15, 7:30 p.m., at our home. Address: 19 Frederick Street, New South Wales. RSVP January 25, 2012, at 0423 769 919.
  • We would love you to join us on March 2, 8:30 p.m. to bid adieu Paul as he begins his overseas adventure. The mesmerizing ambiance, background music, food and drinks will be immensely enjoyed by everyone. Party venue: Shinju 51 Berry St. North Sydney.
  • An evening with Davis, a grand arrivederci for him. The soiree is at Oakwood House, 49 Beach Road, Black Rock, California. See you on January 8 at 9 p.m. RSVP: January 20, 6667 098 890.


  • It's a housewarming party and you are invited to our new home. We welcome your arrival on Sunday, February 5, 12:30 p.m. Walk down on 2300 Orange Grove Road, Salinas, California 91020.
  • A garden party is organized to celebrate to joy of moving in to our new residence. You are most cordially invited in this auspicious occasion on February 2. The party begins at 8 p.m.; venue: 213 Kenwood Drive, West hills, California 91304.
  • We welcome you to share the evening with us at our garden on January 14, 9 p.m. It's a housewarming party organized to frolic with friends and family. Unlimited cocktails and conversations all night! See you at 15 Wilson House, Atlanta, Georgia 06502.
Those were the samples of garden party invitations. You can utilize a similar concept to frame invitation wordings for baby shower, wedding, potluck dinner, Valentine's day, friendship day, Thanksgiving, etc. Other than those much celebrated events, you can also invite your friends for a garden party simply for the sake of making merry.
You can text or mail your friends to gather at your garden. Invitation letters and cards are necessary when it's an official party and therefore, you have to write the invitation greeting accordingly. I'm sure with your friends and peers around, the party will indeed be utterly joyful. Have fun!