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Garden Party Decorations

Priya Johnson Mar 2, 2020
This story dwells on the different garden party decorations that one can use to decorate the garden for a party. There are two important aspects that make a party memorable: the people and the decorations. The more innovative the decorations are, the more will be the enthusiasm at the party...
An outdoor garden party is the best way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any other joyous occasion in the warmth of spring and summer. The joy of hosting a party in your own backyard is simply wonderful!
It's often mistaken that garden parties can only be held in enormous lawns, however, small backyard gardens can be transformed to haven with some garden party decorations. The challenge lies in getting the right kind of decorations and beautifying the place.
Moreover, what's the best part about opting for a garden party? Well, nobody feels claustrophobic! Open air setting gives ample amounts of space for all the guests and does not give a cluttered feel to the party.

Summer Garden Party

The theme of the party will determine the kind of decorations to be put up. Let's have a look at the themes.

Flower Theme

The tablecloths should be in fresh colors like light pink, yellow, lemon green, light blue, etc. This will give a summer-fresh look to the entire place. You could also cover the table with a printed pattern like floral print. For additional touches, table runners are also great.
Decorating the tables with paper or silk flowers would give a glorious look to the ambiance. You could also keep a vase full of freshly picked flowers as table centerpieces. The cutlery and napkins should also have some kind of floral print.
The chairs can be decorated with tulle and ribbons. You could even have giant umbrellas to shield guests from the blazing afternoon sun. Moreover, use the flower pots in your garden to adorn the place. Arrange them around the garden.

Mother's Day Theme

What can be better than hosting a mother's day celebration in your backyard. To make the day really special for the mothers, take prints of photographs of them with their children. To get hold of the snaps, hook up with their children if possible. Get hold of those snaps and either prepare a collage with it or get individual prints.
This becomes the centerpiece. Place one collage frame or four to five small frames in the center. Moreover, have one color for each table. One table can be pink, the other can be blue, the other can be green, etc.
Have all the cutlery and napkins in that respective color. You could also get origami lanterns if the tea party will go into the evening. Candle chandeliers would also give a glorious look. Putting up a mother's day banner is also a good idea.

Kids Garden Party Decoration

Picnic Theme

A cute little red ridding hood theme would add a great touch to the picnic theme. Have the chairs tied with lovely red ribbons. Have a light-colored tablecloth and place a table runner on it. Serve lemonade in plastic bottles with straw instead of glasses. In the center of each table, place a picnic basket filled with picnic goodies.
Tie a rope or strong nylon wire from one end of the garden to another in whichever direction you like. Tie Styrofoam lollipops and candies to it. Have some flowers and butterfly shapes as well. Do not forget to keep ample amounts of tissue paper on the tables. Placing bowls of fresh strawberries and blueberries would also look good.

Animal Theme

Have a string passed from one pole to another across the garden. Have another string crossing it from another end of the garden. Then, hang lovely animal shaped cutouts made from Styrofoam. Purchase tablecloths with animal prints like zebra, leopard, tiger, peacock print, etc. Each table will depict one animal theme.
Have animal toys according to each table theme in the center of the table. You get animal theme plastic cutlery for children's parties at party stores. One can even make balloon hats in various animal shapes. This will add color and excitement to the party. If you wish, you could also make a balloon arch to jazz up the place.
The kind of decorations needed will depend on the theme you choose. You can be innovative and make the decorations yourself. This way you can extend your creativity as much as you desire. Have fun!