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Games to Play at Parties

Uttara Manohar
There exist a wide variety of fun games to play at parties, which can liven up the spirits of a dull and drab party.
A party is a great way to meet people and interact with them, but more importantly it is an opportunity to have unlimited fun with friends and loved ones. A party is a time to celebrate and rejoice, sometimes with / without any occasion to celebrate.
A party is about letting your hair down, leaving all your worries behind and being hedonistic. Often people also like to introduce several games to add some spark to the party spirit.

Fun Games to Play at a Party

This is a great game for any party, which includes of course alcohol. A mild alcohol is generally used for this game if you want it to last longer. Sit in a circle and use a bottle to decide who goes first or just follow the seating order. Tape to either side of the bottle the words Date and Drink Up!. Spin it in the classic truth and dare maneuver, and accordingly the players it points at, do as the bottle reads. Dare the person with funny tasks, which will increase the fun quotient at the party. The game gets really funny after a while... try it out!
All the guests at the party are split into teams of two, preferably pair people of the opposite sex together. Now each couple gets a coconut, which has to be held between their foreheads. There is one person who acts as the judge / instructor who shouts out commands like, 'move two steps to the right' or 'Jump' or even 'move the coconut from up your forehead to between your chests'. The teams have to follow the instructions without dropping the coconut. As the teams drop the coconut they are eliminated from the game. The team last standing of course wins.
This is also a couples game in the sense that it requires the guests to be divided into teams of two opposite-sex people. The other things that you will need are - uniform-sized pieces of cloth for every team and some great dance music. The couple needs to stand on the cloth and start dancing. After some time the music stops and the couples are supposed to fold the cloth into half and dance on it without stepping off its center. After regular intervals the cloth is folded into halves. The couple that is seen standing rigid on a surface area of the cloth, wins.
This is a very popular party game, which requires the guests to sit in a circle and have one person sit in the middle. The person in the middle is supposed to walk up to anyone from the circle and say, Honey, I love you, won't you give me a smile? The person in the circle is expected to answer without smiling and say Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile (without smiling). The person in the circle loses if he/she smiles. The person in the middle can use all sorts of antics to make that person smile. The last one to pull off a straight face till the end, wins.
These games are quite fun to play once you get into the hang of them. Be sure to include a lot of people as part of the games. The more the merrier!