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Fun Party Food Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 16, 2020
What is a party without delicious appetizers and meal? Here are a few mouth-watering fun party food ideas, you can experiment with.
You may be a gourmet, but a party calls for some fun food with a laid back style. Since, it's a party reeling under the mood of fun and frolic, your guests aren't going to be really bothered about how it is presented or how is it cooked. Fun party food ideas, are basically simple items cooked with ease and enjoyed as the party heats up.
Keep it as simple as possible and in sufficient quantities, so that your guests can relish it till the end. If you really want to make a fun menu at the party, go with the theme. Party goers love to experiment and wouldn't leave a chance to try out something new.

Party Food for Kids

Kids, chocolate, and sweets, is one combination that can never go wrong. Who doesn't drool over those delicious Nigella Lawson recipes made for kids? If it's a birthday party, then a cake becomes your inevitable item for the party.
A fruit punch, with some zesty flavor and vibrant color, will be a great hit among the kids. Sandwiches, with Nutella spread, potato chips, warps with vegetables or meat (the choice is yours), tortilla with a suitable fillings, cookies, burgers, cup cakes, and ice creams are treats that kids will never get bored of!

Party Foods for Adults

There is a lot that one can experiment with, when it comes to party appetizers and meals for adults. There are no barriers to your culinary experiments, when it comes to deciding a menu for an adult party. However, if it's a office party then you need to think of snacks for your guests.
Cheesy onion dips, fried raviolis, chicken lollipops, croissants, tomato and basil sandwiches, hummus and pita bread, salads, fish fingers, salsa and chips, pizza muffins, pizzas, burgers, rolls and wraps, tortillas, desserts, and pastas will never go out of appeal.

Party Beverages

A party without a beverage is incomplete. If thinking of non-alcoholic beverages is difficult then here are a few options.
Apricot sparkler, apple apricot smoothie, banana tropical, bubbling pineapple punch, raspberry punch, a chilled cappuccino, chocolate shake, and iced teas are some of the non-alcoholic beverages that you can serve at your party. There are a lot of alcoholic drinks that you can serve at the party depending on your budget and the popular choice.
Parties come with a lot of leftovers. Hence, it's important to know the right amount of quantity that will be required. Minimum wastage of food is what you must aim for. To know the quantity that will be required, know the headcount.
Send out invitations, beforehand with RSVP so that you know the number of guests likely to attend the party. If it's birthday party for kids, parents are likely to stay too. So, do count them in while ordering for the food.
Place the order well in advance so that you can make changes if required. Since you have a lot of guests coming in, it's advisable to serve them in disposables. This way, you save the time required in washing and cleaning them. If it's a party for adults, then you can rent the crockery and cutlery too. Have fun!