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Fun Birthday Ideas for Adults

Rujuta Borkar Feb 12, 2020
Gifts are easily the most important aspect of any birthday, but that does not necessarily mean that only physical gifts count. There are many ideas that can be turned into great gifts as well.
There are only so many gifts that you can think of gifting people, right? Especially when it comes to adults. As their age progresses, so does your confusion - have you noticed? But here's what you can try - instead of focusing on gifts, you can focus on ideas for gifts. In fact, coming up with good ideas for gifts suggests that you have really thought of what to give a person instead of simply picking up something. The crux is that to come up with a good idea, you need to have known about the likes and dislikes of a person. It ensures that it is a well-thought of gift that goes beyond merely the 'gift' and encompasses a lot more.

Theme Parties

Theme parties are always fun and make for great birthday parties. Go with any of the famous themes - 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s...imagination is the key here. Some folks even have the 'Come as you are' theme. It's quite an innovative one, really. In this, the guests have to come to the party just as they were dressed at the time when they were invited. So if someone was in their Pajamas enjoying a morning cup of tea, or someone had only a towel draped while shaving their beard off...guess what, they have to come exactly like that!

Amusement Park

Nope. It's not just reserved for the kids, who told you that? You'll be surprised to find the number of adults who love it. Provided they don't have a heart condition and are fit enough to go on one, take them to the amusement park, a fair or a carnival and spend the whole day there. You can't imagine the amount of fun they'll have with this party idea.

Beach Party

There could be various variations to beach parties. Gather up the entire family - kids, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and whoever else you want to be there. Make it a day of fun and include a whole load of activities - play varied games, have a barbecue, swim a lot. Ensure that you get a good tan as a proof of the amount of fun you had. Alternately, you could even host a luau party, it is just as much fun (or more) because of the added factor of dressing up.

Off on Vacation

Need some surprise birthday ideas for adults? The perfect one is to whisk them away for a holiday to a place they've always wanted to visit and never got around to. You know what they'll really appreciate? If they are a part of a couple, send them both packing! Two's better than one any day and they get to spend so much time together. Double the fun and a great birthday gift idea.

Street Shopping

So you've heard of widow shopping, right? Fun, isn't it? Depending on the kind of person that they are, you can take them out street shopping. Chances are that they will not have gone street shopping for years together. Take them through the twisted lanes and by-lanes with amazing wares out for display - old books, loose, floral clothes, outrageous hats and of course - street food! Bargain and bargain some more and get some great deals for them. A day from the youth and one of the most cheap birthday ideas for adults.

Drinking Games

One's never too old for this one, is one? I guess not. Get a little creative and come up with some great drinking games. Have a makeshift bar at your place. If it's a woman's party, then a cute bartender is in order. The drinking games could go with anything - simple party games that end with a forfeit of a compulsory drink. This one party I went for, had me turning a wheel with the names of different drinks on them - 3 times. Then those drinks were mixed together and I had to gulp down the shot. I wouldn't be kidding if I said that it set the right mood for an awesome night that was to follow.

Take 'em Back in Time

Here's a great one that you can pack in. Invite all the birthday girl/boy's friends old and new. Go all the way back to college and school. Then put in a twist to the whole deal and set a theme. Not just any theme - ask them to dress in the style that made headlines when they were in school or college. Not only will it be fun to meet old classmates, but to share a few laughs over the clothing - now that's a complete blast from the past. Music, clothes, food, even a special birthday cake and specialized dance moves. What an awesome party that will be.
...and there you have it. Some of the best fun birthday ideas for adults. I hope you got some inspiration from them and can now go on to plan a really, really fun birthday party for that special someone. Don't forget to have fun!