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Hassle-free Food for a Toddler's Birthday Party

Mayuri Kulkarni Feb 28, 2020
The most important thing while planning a birthday party menu is that the food items should be easy to prepare. Here are some cool ideas about what to put on the birthday menu.
Planning a birthday party for your kid, and are confused about the party foods that you should have on your menu? Kids do not know actually what excitement and fun is all about. You may think of hiring a professional clown, prepare a variety of food items, and many more things for the party. However, this may confuse the children, and cause a lot of chaos.
It is always better to keep the party simple and short. The menu should be selected very carefully. The kids should be familiar with the food items that are prepared. Something which is new to them makes them reluctant to eat, and can turn the party into a disaster.
While planning the food for the party, keep in mind to prepare food that is colorful and inviting to the kids. The sitting arrangement for the toddlers to eat the food, is one more important aspect to be kept in mind as toddlers need to be monitored when they are eating their food. Let us take a look at some menu ideas.

Birthday Cake

The center of attention of any birthday party is the cake. You can prepare the cake according to the party theme. If you are going to order a cake from a bakery, see that the shape of the cake is something which your kid knows. Keep it simple!
You can go for the birthday cake that resembles the favorite cartoon character of your kid, or his/her favorite toy. Thus, prepare or order a cake that your toddler identifies instantly, and avoid shapes that are complicated.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are easy to prepare and almost all kids love to eat them. Peeled oranges, sliced bananas, sliced cucumbers, carrots, sliced watermelon, strawberries, etc., along with some tasty dip, make some of the healthy foods for toddlers.
Toddlers are at an age when they are about to be independent in doing their daily chores, which includes self-feeding. Finger foods make some of the great food items that can help toddlers eat on their own. So, why not prepare some finger foods for your toddler's birthday party.
You can go for finger foods like cheese sticks, small pieces of cooked chicken, unsweetened cereals, etc., for the party. Finger foods prepared by cutting vegetables and fruits into small pieces are picky items, which are yummy and equally nutritious.


Sandwiches make for some great food items for a toddler's birthday party. All you have to do is, take bread slices, spread some cheese, put your kid's favorite filling like tuna, jelly, peanut butter, etc., and cut them into tiny triangles, small enough for your toddler to hold.
You can cut the bread slices into different shapes as well. Many of the toddlers do not like eating the crust of the bread, so it is better to remove it before preparing the sandwiches.
For desserts, you can prepare tiny cup cakes and cookies. Ensure that you offer the food at the party in an attractive manner, else kids tend to be reluctant and will refuse to eat.
So, these were some tips that you can implement, while planning your toddlers birthday party. The menu should consist of food items that are well-balanced and nutritional for toddlers.