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Fear Factor Birthday Party Games

Rashida Khilawala Feb 27, 2020
Do you think you are a daredevil? You think you have it in you to actually host a fear factor party? Continue only if you have it in you to read the most dangerous, grievous, and frightful party ideas!
Disavowal: These ideas are purely for people above 18 years of age. Any one below that age is requested not to try to host these parties without parental guidance (which I can predict, you will not get)! Hosts of the party have to make sure that adequate expert guidance is available (when needed).
So, since you have clicked the title, we are assuming you are old enough to deal with your fears. Many people are of the opinion that after the age of 16, birthday parties are nonexistent. Well, we believe in challenging the tradition. You can have a party even after your 'legal age'. You could try a 'killer party' with your fraternity brothers or sisters.
But instead of pretty pink and beautiful blues, you could go for Fear Factor. You must have already figured out how to make the theme apparent. But, what about the games (or challenges)? It would be a welcome change to do something other than drinking, dancing, and sitting around by the fireplace.
Rule: Make sure everyone is informed of the theme; surprises can ruin these games!
Lets begin!

Bungee Jumping

No no, you don't need to go to the nearby bridge or cliff for this. But, neither the guests nor the host should be intoxicated while doing this. Remember, neglect of any kind would lead to dire repercussions.
You can hire a team of extreme sport experts and ask them to manage the event from the terrace of your building or at any location that is feasible. This game is best played before nightfall, the fun is unbelievable when you can see the ground!


Although one of the interesting fear factor birthday party games, you need expert guidance for this one. It can be an expensive party, but if skydiving works for you, it's a great plan.

Snake Hunt

Kick into Nat-Geo gear. Research about gear for snake hunts, get hold of the required gloves, boots, sticks, and baggies. Set out on a snake quest at the nearest forest. Again, expert guidance recommended.

White Water Rafting

Several groups organize white water rafting for private groups. Find out about such people in your locality. A complete day of white water rafting is enough to not only challenge your fears, but also bring you closer to each other as a group.


Rappelling involves climbing down a rope. You can time this event, and whoever does it the fastest can be a declared winner. The requirements like the rope and mittens can be found at any extreme sports store.

Rope Climbing

Rope climbing is nothing but the opposite of rappelling. In rope climbing, you climb up a rope. Again, you can time this event and the fastest can be a declared the winner.


We know, you might be thinking that the writer has lost it. How can twister be a fear factor game, right? Well it can be, if you have it in you to add the twist to it.
Whenever a person loses his/her balance, all the others present there get to give that person a task to do (maybe one task each). It can be absolutely anything. The game can go on for hours and the tasks can range from being difficult, to disgusting, to notorious, to simply impossible, but they have to be completed. Sounds fun?
Fear factor parties can be fun. But, the host has to make sure that no one's sentiments are hurt. All involved have to take the games and challenges in the right spirit and attitude. Party on!!