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Elegant Party Decorations

Aparna Jadhav Feb 26, 2020
When you are having a formal party, the decorations always have to be in sync with the occasion. Given below are some ideas for elegant party decorations, which you can use the next time you have a formal function.
Parties are always a lot of work and management, and you have to take care of many arrangements, being the host.
You do not have to bother much when throwing a party for friends. But be organized for a formal function with some important and high profile guests. For such parties, take care of the menu, parking spaces, seating arrangements, entertainment and the ambiance.
Formal parties like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations of success, etc. But whatever the occasion is, the ambiance of the venue gets the guests into the mood. These elegant decorations are of a wide variety in styles and colors, so you need to make sure of what you want the venue to look like before you start the necessary arrangements.
To help you out of your confusion, we have a few tips and ideas about how you can get your party to look beautiful.

Elegant Party Decoration Ideas

There are certain unsaid rules and restrictions about the style of a sophisticated party. The main essentials are the colors, lights, theme, and the table as well as crockery accessories. These things are very minute, but are noticed by everyone when they arrive, thus you should make sure not to miss out on any detail.
Following information will shed some light on these few basics about formal party decorations.


The first and most important thing you have to decide while decorating for a formal function is the color for the evening. Decide a color scheme which will be the color of almost everything at the venue.
Usually preferred colors are,
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Mauve
  • Purple
  • Blue (Navy or Crystal)
  • Green (Olive or Sea green)
1. The curtains, the tablecloths, and other linen at the venue should preferably be of a much lighter shade of any of the colors that's been mentioned in the write-up.
2. Since the table and the other decorations are meant to be darker to look rich, cream is the best choice for the linen.
3. Once you have decided on this, start thinking about the table decorations. The centerpieces, candles, flowers, and napkins should be well coordinated with the color scheme.
4. Get either glass or wrought iron stands for the candles and centerpieces. They look very stylish and elegant.
5. Try to have the china in ivory or cream colors, since they match with the dark napkins and tablecloths. These ideas are sure to be a hit with these rich and beautiful colors of your choice.


1. Lights are another major factor in making the venue look elegant and attractive. The colors you have choose reflect with these lights and make a completely different shade, thus make sure you choose the right lights, as well as colors.
2. If you can arrange for beautiful glass as well as metal chandeliers, the venue will look bigger and more elegant.
3. Dim lights look grand and elegant with the beautiful candle centerpieces on the tables. But you should not have extremely dim lights either.
4. Lights of the colors that you have chosen, but in a very dimmer tone, also look great with the entire decorated room. For example, if you have mauve as the color scheme, then a slight pink light would go perfectly with the look.
5. If you do not wish to experiment with colored lights, normal white light will also look great with the vibrant evening colors you have chosen.

Other Decorations

1. Along with the party festivities, there are many other things that you need to keep in mind, like the party favors and the napkin rings.
2. You must have party favors for the guests according to the occasion or theme of the party.
3. Some elegant birthday party decorations can have tiny place card holders related to the occasion. Flip-flop coasters, elegantly decorated toothpicks, or salt-and-pepper sets can be very attractive favors as well as decorations.
4. Victorian napkin holders in beautiful colors can also be arranged in many unique styles of folding. They have designs like flowers and stars on them, which make them look very elegant and presentable.
With these elegant party decorations, you can surely win hearts. Everyone loves it classy and formal, and when you have such creative ideas, you can surely do a lot for any occasion.