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DIY Party Decorations

Many people feel they can't host a party without spending a lot of money, but there are plenty of easy ideas and things you can do on your own to make some great party decorations.
Austin Winder

DIY Party Decorations

Buying supplies for a party can take a chunk out of your bank account in a hurry. From decorations to food, drinks, and entertainment, it can take a lot to get your place party-ready.
The decorations do not have to be expensive. Do it yourself culture has gained popularity in recent years, and party decorations are a great way to show off your crafting skills. Here are a few decorations you can craft yourself.

Party Banner

Help your guests find where the party is, using a fun banner. Start by getting some scrapbook paper. It's a great and cheap way to incorporate different patterns.

You probably already have colored markers. Use them to draw the party details in large, obvious lettering. Then hang up the sign using string or twine.

Balloon Arch

Making a balloon arch is easier than you might think. Sketch out your design first so you know what you're working with. Inflate all the balloons and thread them through a fishing line. Cut the ends of the fishing line when you're done. Keep the arch in place with hooks or nails.

Small "Fruity" Balloon Straws

These are a great way to add a theme to your party. Blow up small balloons that match the color or fruit of the drink you’re serving. For example, if you're serving lemonade you can use straws with small yellow balloons attached.

Spiral Mobiles

Measure circles on colored paper. Once you've created your circles, cut them out into a little spiral shape. Decide where you want the spirals to hang. Center a piece of tape at one end of the spiral to secure it to your ceiling.

Coffee Filters

Who knew that a simple coffee filter could turn into a party decoration? One of the most common styles is a coffee filter bouquet. Dip them in dye to brighten the party space and match the rest of your decor.
Alternatively, there are companies that offer preserved flowers for sale - and while that’s not a fully-DIY answer to furnishing a party, preserved flowers can be used over and over, offering you a decoration that you can reuse in different ways moving forward.

Tissue Paper Tassels

Simply cut out a fringe of any color of tissue paper you want. Hang the tassels on the ceiling or walls for a unique touch.

Color Wrapped Wheat

Bunches of wheat are a beautiful and rustic touch. They are also easily available online so you don't have to go picking your own. Tie several bunches of wheat together with colorful string to make it stand out on your table or other flat surface.

Rainbow Water

A kid's science experience can actually make for fun party decorations. White flowers absorb color easily. Choose some food dye and add it to glasses of water. The white flowers will soon match the dye. The color of the water itself completes the look.

Mod Podge Balloons

Mod podge is a type of glue. Carefully spread it onto an inflated balloon. Then sprinkle some glitter and voila, an ordinary balloon is ordinary no more.

Decorative Glasses

Your love of glitter can even spread to the glassware. Use glitter paint on the stemware. After the paint has dried you can seal it with two topcoats of a glossy finish. You don't need to worry about the glitter coming off during the party or in the dishwasher later!
Making your own decorations is definitely a great way to save money. It also makes your party truly personal and unique.