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DIY Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

Neha Joshi Feb 16, 2020
What brings us to DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend, when there are so many gifts we can buy. Homemade and personalized gifts are much preferred than the usual gifts, aren't they? Here are some unique and amazing gifts ideas. Have a look.
Have you ever wondered why DIY gift ideas are so much in demand? The logic is simple. If you go to a store and pick up something for your boyfriend, there are chances someone else might pick up that gift too. Now we don't want that, do we? Gifting our boyfriend something that others might also possess?
Nah! There are a lot of DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend today, each equally unique and personalized. You might have some great ideas yourself, but then we have to know the very best, isn't it? It's your boyfriend's birthday and you have to give him a gift that outdoes everybody else's, isn't it?
Before we proceed to the list of these amazing DIY gifts for boyfriend, let us give you a suggestion.
Whichever gift you choose, accompany it with a homemade cake. Bake the cake yourself and present it to him along with the gift you choose. It will just add another personal touch to the gesture.

Gifts For Your Boyfriend You Can Make at Home


A scrapbook would always top my list of birthday presents for a boyfriend, or for that matter anyone else too.
Scrapbooks give you a lot of freedom to make complete use of your creativity. You can prepare a scrapbook and include all his photographs in it. You can decorate the scrapbook in his favorite colors.
You can also add song lyrics wherever appropriate and a few quotes here and there. You can write him small messages throughout the scrapbook and also get it signed from all his friends.

Photo Frame

A photo frame is another great idea if you're looking for special DIY birthday gifts. Bring in a frame of the largest size that you can afford. Find all the photographs you have of your boyfriend, a few that include both of you together.
If there are no new photographs you have of him, edit a few of them using photo editing software. Now, make a collage of all these photographs and decorate it a bit more. Gift him this frame with a personal message written behind it.

Collection of Letters

If your boyfriend's birthday still has some time, you can start writing him a few letters everyday. One of the most unique birthday gift ideas, these may include just about anything you want to say to him.
You can tell him how he's the best thing that has ever happened to you, and how he's your world. When you write these letters, make sure you focus on only the good in them. Once you're done, bind these letters together and make a book out of them all.
You can also add handmade greeting cards inside if you want. You can get this book monogrammed to make it more personalized.

Small Packages

If you're good at making crafts, make small crafts for your boyfriend this birthday. Write small messages on them and keep them hidden around the house.
You can make pen stands, neck pieces, bookmarks, notepads and envelopes etc. Arrange a small treasure hunt out of these gifts and make the moment more fun.
The number of gifts should be equal to the age of your boyfriend. The gifts can be something as detailed as a scrapbook or something as simple as a letter.

Personalized Album

Have you ever sung a song for your boyfriend? Why not do it now? You must be knowing his favorite songs, isn't it? Record these songs at home and cut out a small album. You can also record songs of your choice that you wish to dedicate to him.
Also, you can write him a song if you're good at it and record that too. This will surely be one of the best DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend's birthday and the most unique too.
These birthday gifts were just a few suggestions among the wide variety of creative gifts that you can do it yourself. You can choose one amongst them soon or make up your own idea and start preparing it in time for better outcome.
There are certain homemade gifts for boyfriend that demand a lot of preparation time, so it's advised that you give enough time to it to do justice to the gift. Haphazard gifts will be a big turn off, so avoid DIY birthday gifts completely if you don't have the time for them. Hope you gift your boyfriend the best gift ever. Best of Luck!