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All About the Disco Ball

Mamta Mule
A disco ball that is commonly seen rotating in discos can be used for decorations to enhance various places and events. Here's more about this glittery sphere.
Disco ball is a sphere with an uneven and reflective surface used in disco parties to create an amazing light effect. It comes in many varieties like rotating and hanging, as well as classic-mirrored and different-colored mirrors. This ball be used in both nightclubs and homes for decorative purposes.

The Working

A disco ball is usually suspended from the ceiling with a spot light focused on it. The light falls on the spherical surface and is projected as random streaks on the walls, ceiling, and floor.
It has a speed motor that can be controlled by the DJ or lighting technician to change its speed. There can be more than one spot light focusing on the ball.
The size of the ball can vary. The random flashes of light generated by a mirrored ball create a dynamic background.
You can also get a rotating disco ball with a built-in socket for a bulb. You will just need to add a light bulb to it and switch it on. This ball that rests on a base will rotate and emanate streaks of colorful lights. This variety alleviates the need of a spotlight.


Usually, the simple disco balls that are stable and mirrored are used as a form of home decor. You can have a large, mirrored variety fixed at the center of your bedroom.
In a corner of the living room or bedroom ceiling, a set of three medium-sized balls can be suspended on a round plate. Make sure that all the three are at different heights in order to create a nice effect. You can also get a disco ball chandelier.
The miniature versions of this ball can be used as Christmas tree ornaments. You can make the yard look classy during nighttime by decorating it with these balls.

Disco Party

If you have arranged for a party at your place and want to create a lively atmosphere, a disco ball will surely serve the purpose. Start by hanging it at the center of the room. Get two spot lights and cover each of them with different-colored lenses.
Fix one of them on the wall so that its beam focuses on the ball. Take the other spotlight and mount it on the opposite wall in such a way that it directly faces the first one. Adjust it in order to direct its beam on the ball. Put on the spotlights, switch off all the other light sources, and enjoy the amazing atmosphere created by the arrangement.
Disco balls are easily available in the market. You can check for them in various home improvement stores, electric supply shops, or party supply shops. Apart from these, you can also find a number of varieties online.