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Dinner Party Etiquette

Charlie S Feb 16, 2020
Here we explain dinner party etiquette. Read on to know the dos and don'ts of formal dinner parties.
Having a dinner party with the people you admire is always a great experience. Dinner parties can help you to interact with people you seldom meet. However, by following proper etiquette, you can win the hearts of your associates and gain respect for yourself.

How to Behave at a Dinner Party

Behaving in a prescribed manner especially if it is a formal affair is important, irrespective of whether you are hosting the party or are attending as a guest. If you are the host, you should send the invitations to your guests well in advance. You can either send the invitations via e-mail or a paper invite.
When the guests arrive at your place, you should personally welcome them and guide them to the room where you will have your dinner together. A good host will take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the guests while preparing the food.
If you are a guest, you should be well-dressed and well-groomed so that you look decent and smart. Giving a gift to the host is a good idea. Greet the host and the other guests present in a warm manner.
Reaching the venue on time is the most important etiquette that you must follow. Do not start eating unless all the guests are all seated at the table. Everyone must begin eating the food together. Keep your mobile phone on the silent mode so that it does not cause any kind of disturbance during the dinner.
If at all you get an emergency call, then excuse yourself to receive the call. When you eat, you should close your mouth lest you want to be considered rude and uncouth. Chew your food properly and avoid talking with your mouth full. When you talk, your tone should be polite, do not get over excited, especially when you are with your colleagues.
While hosting a dinner, do ask the guests if they liked the food and also if anything was missing. You should make sure that you attend to all the guests. Interacting with only a select few members can be quite rude to the other guests.
You should make sure that all the guests are served all the food items properly. If a guest does not wish to have a particular food item, then do not serve it to him. Avoid eating the food very fast. Whether you serve the food yourself or not, you should make sure that the food is served in good utensils which are clean.
Spilling of food can create a bad impression. Another vital point is to make sure that the food which you serve is of the best quality and would not cause any health related problem to any of your guests. Set the dinner table attractively and avoid having any substances around which have a foul smell.
By following these etiquette, you will be able to impress your host or guests to a great extent.